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Still raiding MM stores

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Drack, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Nearly three months ago, the Obama Administration said it would no longer raid pot shops that obey the law in states like California, what a crock that is.. where I live in Kern Co. Calif. one of the largest counties in Calif. the police think they are above the law kicking down the doors of legal medical marijuana stores. making it impossible for Kern Co. citizens to get their medicine, unless they travel long distances most of them sick and in pain what a travesty. I have read on this site people saying that it is not happening any more they need to be educated to what is reality Kern County Sheriffâ€â„¢s investigators raid local pot shop - KGET-TV-
  2. what dothe county sherriffs have to do with what Eric Holder said? The Obama administration said the DEA won't be busting law abiding dispenseries. Local sherriff's have nothing to do with federal DEA agents.
  3. I see your point but the outcome is the same :rolleyes:
  4. YEAH the laws are fucked and cops are not enforcing the laws, they are breaking them.


    actually while it is a travesty it should have to be the dea and only the dea raiding. as the local police are sworn to uphold the law, of the community and state, not federal. not saying they cant raid, but then they are in violation of thier duties. the supreme court has ruled that local police can refuse to help the dea, can refuse to prosecute a federal offense if legal under state law, and has ruled that counties and sheriffs MUST FOLLOW LOCAL LAW ex the id cards. i would love to see a lawyer challege a raid based on it if it was done by locals
  5. Dont think county police can conduct raids as they are state police.

    Anyways, the Obama Admin did state that they will uphold the states policy in regards to medical marijuana and will cease DEA or Federal raids on state approved dispensaries.

    I read on the Cal Norml site that the DEA raided a SF dispensary on March 26th, 2009. So whatever Obama's Admin has stated has not happened. SF DEA RAID RAISES DOUBTS ABOUT OBAMA POLICY ON MEDICAL MARIJUANA | California NORML

    Hopefully we can have enough people get active and let the Attorney General remember Obama's memo. Either way, we are still getting screwed by the feds. Hopefully California will get our bill passed to have marijuana taxed and legalized.
  6. THe dispensery in question was not a non profit.
    Thus out to make money.

    Im in kern too.
  7. hmm i am not in cali, but i believe the state law is thet they hav eto be non profit, thus breaking both state and federal law enabled them to be raided.
  8. Greetings to my Kern Co. neighbour can you tell me where i can get my mmj in Kern Co. :wave:
  9. Nope.

    You have to drive to LA.

    or Grow your own.
  10. You need to be more aware of the actual laws before you condemn actions taken by LEOs.

    1) This raid was NOT conducted by the DEA, and it appears that the DEA had no interest.

    2) The raid was conducted WITH proper search warrants signed by a judge, that is something that NEVER happened with the DEA. So it appears that due process has been followed.

    3) The California Attorney General's office has issued guidelines for MMJ dispensaries to follow and has repeatedly said that if dispensaries dont' follow them, then they will be shut down and prosecuted. One of those rules is that they have to be NON-PROFIT. These guys appear to be a for-profit club. Don't take my word for it, read for yourself:

    4) GUNS? Clubs should not have loaded guns on premises. Check the guidelines, the AG agrees:

    There are currently over 500 clubs in Los Angeles alone, many of them are operating illegally under the AG's guidelines, and they need to be shut down. I actually hope that a successful LOCAL prosecution of an UNLAWFUL club results in some change.
  11. The thing is that there is no place in kern Co. where you can get your MMJ. the police close them as fast as they open them. they also harass the places where they give out the cards a friend of mine that works at the holisic clinic (where they issue cards) in Bakersfield wont take his car and park it there anymore because he gets stopped and searched when he does.
  12. If they're operating illegally, then they're doing their jobs. You have to understand that some places are more intolerant of MMJ than others. BUT it appears that the Sherrifs are following the letter of the law, whereas these clubs aren't.

    If you can show me a case where a club was closed that was operating 100% legally under the current AG's guidelines, then I'll support your stance.
  13. The D.A. never prosecuted any of them because they were legal and he wont prosecute this new one they just closed. The D.A. is all for closing them but never puts anyone on trial.
  14. P.S. don't be so quick to believe the hype the police give you.
  15. I do agree that patients in the Kern County area need a place to get their medicine.

    They are basically forcing the patients to the black market.
  16. Also, Sheriff Youngblood is still trying to save face for his son getting caught with a QP and scales.
  17. I read the article you linked to. SO are you saying that the news you posted isn't valid?
  18. Yea why dont the dea just arrest state cops for breaking federal law of not obiding by an individual states laws. States are allowed to make there own laws, and that ammendment should be enforced. I saw that too when obama came into office, i thought hey this is great but its all bullshit. The dea are going against the president? what kidn of fucking country is this. I applogize for any hostility, i just lots a really good connect
  19. You're totally missing the facts here.

    This raid was NOT conducted by the DEA. They have made ONE day of raids since the announcement by AG Eric Holder. The current head of the DEA is merely the interium chief (Michelle Leonhart, a Bush Appointee) as we wait for Obama's replacement to be named. Certainly Ms. Leonhart has no shot at becoming the permanent head now, so she's more or less a lame-duck until Obama makes an appointment.

    Also, the DEA DOES arrest rogue cops, I was just on their main site to check and see who the acting head was, and I noticed there was a huge announcement that they had caught a rogue cop who had been dealing seized drugs.
  20. Thanks. I didnt read through this entire thread and i was just in a rush to say something.
    If all of the raids were done by local and state police then that is even worse.
    I hope obama can 'CHANGE' as much as he said he would.

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