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Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. now that the war is supposedly over in iraq and we can now beggin to see the devastation left in its wake... i just wanted to know from those that believed the war was the correct thing to do... Do you still believe it was right?

  2. Are you talking about the 35 years of geniocide, murder, torture, rape, gassing, fear, starvation, oppression, of the hundreds of thousands killed and many more missing Iraqis who died at the hands of Saddam Hussein?

    Or are you talking about the few hundred who died to give that poor, corrupte, impoverished society a shot a freedom, democracy, clean water , food and mediciene never allowed for the suffering people in the past.

    Not only do I support the war, I say lets go pay Syria and Iran a visit and kick a little ass.

    God bless the USA
    God help those who tread on it
  3. k big guy
  4. nobody's arguing that saddam was a nice guy. and nobody have appointed the US as world sheriff either. so please, spare me the imperialistic self serving shit. if the US was interested in actual human rights, they would attack north korea. not iraq.

    can anyone spell o-i-l?
  5. if we are gettin so much o-i-l that would create more supply therefore making less demand therefore lowering gas prices....ive been seein them go up...
  6. nice article. i've actually read a few like those documenting all kinds of entanglement beetween leaders of the GOP and nazi-germany. as a matter of fact this is also related to the marijuana prohibition in a big way. what's the word limit on a single post here at the city (i've lost the links, but i have the articles on my HD)
  7. o-i-l you say, really, how much oil did Iraq export to the USA during the "good years?"


    you seem like an educated bunch lets hear it.......

    How about 3% tops, DID you hear that, a fraction of whats available in the arctic ANWR. So lets drop the oil argument we dont have to have Iraqs oil. Do you really think that the United Arab Oil Emerates will allow a major reduction in their exports at the benefit of the Iraqis?

    And yes I know how Saddams war machine was funded in the early days,

    And yes I know how Osama was trained and funded

    And it was not the FBI it was the CIA.

    I am not proud of either situation but now that the genie is out of the bottle who is going to deal with it?

    People keep claiming we are there to pillage there natural resources and take their jobs, OK, how many of you are ready to move to Iraq and sell rugs??????

    I just dont understand, is it because you dont like Bush or you just dont like the USA?

    If its because you dont like Bush thats fine, thats why we have Democratic elections to serve the will of the people.

    If you dont like the USA either vote for change or get out, its that simple. Im tired of listening to people who have the precious commodity of freedom of speech and are directly or indirectly supported financialy in or by the US bitching about it.

    Ive said before that I support some liberal reforms in the US (some not all).

    And yes the USA has become the sheriff of the world, No matter what you say or do someone has do it, who do you reccomend? personnaly Id rather not , heres my suggestion.

    Pull all of our troops out of all of the worlds trouble spots South Korea and Isreal, can fend for themselves, will see how those protesting students over there feel about living under North Korean rule. And the Palistinian radicals are not going to quit until Isreal is purged of all of the jews. And I know we can debate Isreal's war in 1967 but who is going to draw the boundry lines?

    Line up all of the troops at the borders, no one who isnt a citizen gets in, all visas will be revoked and all foreign visitors expelled. All alien residents will be returned to whence they came. All of the billions (yes billions, check the figures at the National Institutes for Health) spent on health care for non naturalised citizens will be charged back to the countrys they came from.

    I really dont favor war with any nation, I say when war, genocide, financial strife, or natural disaters strike any nation, they can pray to Allah or whatever god they worship for food, water, cement, military protection, and money, we will keep the billions of exported dollars in the US to take care of our own problems.

    And finaly I have begun to think. No im not cryin foul, or whining, those of you who know me a little no that ive had a hard time or two in my life. But all of the views and posts I participate in are generally very liberal and generally anti american, all im saying is I can take it like a man but why hang where your not welcome. I mean if it wasnt for the herb connection would my conserative opinons and views have any validity or merit consideration?

    No remorse replys please, just thinking out loud,
  8. I've said this before, only unpatriotic cowards would suggest anyone leave their country rather than try to change it through progress and intelligent thought. Voting isn't going to do crap, I voted in favor of marijuana reform, that's not going too well. Most Americans didn't vote for Dubya but he didn't need them to get into office.

    I'm going to bitch and whine and do every fucking thing I can to change this country, not because I feel an overwhelming sense of patriotism, not because I ultimately favor one group over another, but because I want the place I live to be a peaceful, productive society that can lead through example rather than force.

    Nobody's against you here Niki, let's talk or even argue, the best part is that no one has to leave because freedom of speach is a right to all, not a privelage for just for Americans.

    And as for what you said about the opressed Iraqis, it doesn't matter. Yup, I'm saying that in this particular regard, in this particular discussion, it doesn't matter. Because we didn't start this war because of human rights offenses, nor did we invade a country to 'save' people by blowing them up. Supposedly this war was necesarry because Iraq was supposed to have had weapons spewing out of every little opressed orafice.

    We attacked, we killed, we got killed, no weapons were found, the Iraqis situation is just as dire as ever, and we did it without the blessings of the world. People have been found guilty of wars crimes based on less.

    I don't want God to bless America, I think we can manage without special blessings from someone who may or may not exist. If God can bless anyone it should be the countless people who's lives are filled with fear. All the Americans who'd sooner let thousands die rather than speak up to their leader, and all the Iraqis who'd sooner let their neighbors die than stand up to an opressive leader.
  9. I do beleive in seperation of church and state, I think I might of got on a little bit of a religious tilt there,

    I favor complete religious freedom as long as it not at the expense of public safety, and goverment by democracy,

    Other than that I stand by what I said and feel much better now!

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  10. Hell Yes I Support The War. And I commend any nation that went in there and blew up shit with us.

    Look, be real. There are no truely selfless acts. So what if we hoped to score a little oil on the side? I'd be MORE pissed if we went in there, spent 80 billion dollars, then had ABSOLUTELY NO way of getting back any of the funds.

    No one seems to disagree that Sadaam was an evil guy. He was a rapist and a thief who retainted power by assasinating his political rivals. On top of that, he was activley searching the blackmarket for nukes... The whole world woulda been fucked had he attained them. He had to go.

    We get oil, they get freedom, food, medical supplies and a chance to turn things around in their country. Sounds like a fair deal to me. Why did our efforts have to be primarily humanitarian anyway? Where is the rule book that says this?

    And yes, we did have to sacrifice some lives to free the Iraquis. I don't feel sorry for those who died. I honor them. Our military is VOLUNTARY. You join because you want to help uphold democracy and freedom in our country and across the globe. You know what your job is and you know it may cost you your life. I am very thankful to all those who died in this war.

    Ya know, sometimes I get really tired of listening to you self-rightous idealists judge our actions from the comfort of your fly-on-the-wall nations. Nations that would rather sit on their asses in U.N. conference rooms and TALK about what needs to be done. Nations that stand by the wayside while people are being gassed. It really bugs the hell outta me.

    But hey, you're entitled to your opinion.
  11. I believe that the U.S. should take care of themselves, not going around policing other countries.
  12. And one more thing, (sorry cant resist)

    Ill be sure and let my Grandfather (WWII), Father, (Korea) Uncle (Vietnam) and many other family members who are or were voluntarily serving in the military, that they might be considered "unpatriotic cowards" for having a sense of patriotism and fighting and dying for our freedom.

    For the record I tried twice to join the marine corp and wanted to go to Beruit Lebanon so I could be a unpatriotic coward and fight and die with our marines over there at the time.

    I guess since I could not get in at that time we will never know..........
  13. i could write a billion words in responce to whats been said here... but i wont.

    all i'll say is...

    which would you prefer?

    to have water, food, transport, healthcare, electricity, education, etc. at the cost of possably being killed by the authorities for the slightest "wrong" doing?


    to have non of the above at the cost of possably being killed by either famine, dehydration, disease or anyone who has a grudge -of whom there will be many simply because of your heritage or political persuasion? not to mention having to live with the deaths & maulings of several relatives during your "liberation".

    ok... i couldnt resist leaving it at that.... one last question for the americans:
    Have you guys seen the brutality some iraqis had to face from the AMERICAN SOLDIERS? or is that footage too "unpatriotic" to show over there?
  14. sorry digit but I know we differ here,

    brutality, do you really think the US military inflicted anymore than Saddam did?

    do you know of any Iraqis getting there tounges cut out or fingernails pulled out by American troops,or executed people for not cooperating? do you really beleive we did stuff like that and then tried to cover it up in some big conspiracy plan to produce WMD's. do educated people really beleive Iraqs government could not or would not account for tons of documented WMD's that never existed? "killed by the authorities for the slightest wrong doing" ya that makes sense we gave Iraq a shot at some form of democracy and freedom but in return we will shoot any j-walkers, shoplifters, or speeders? or do you mean pointing a weapon at a marine contingent sitting in a tank? my moneys on the marines in that scenario. or do you mean that the Iraqis HAD adequte food, medicine, transportation available to non-bath party members?

    I gave up on the whole big brother conspiracy thing a long time ago.

    peace is maintained by strength not by bending over

  15. There are no 'fly on the wall' countries, we are one world and should have one purpose; figuring out how the hell to work together withouth blowing each other up. Besides, I'm American anyway, and I'm bitching and complaining, and I'm just as proud of that as you are of your murder for 'freedom'.

    And TALKing about things has gotten many, many poeple out of bad situations. It's stopped wars from starting and ended wars. But that argument only counts if you think of war as a last resort rather than a tool to be used against the brown people that are getting on your nerves.

    Peace will only come when someone is willing to put down their arms, even in the face of death.

    Ghandi did it, King did it, why can't we do it as a country?

  16. Amen. I'm tired of seeing people die.


    Sometimes when I think about it, it makes me wonder if everyone is crazy....we spend money on bombs to drop on someone else to stop them from making bombs...we kill people to stop someone else from killing doesn't make any sense to me.

    "4000 hungry children
    Leave us per hour from starvation
    While billions are spent on bombs
    Creating death showers

  17. ok. :rolleyes:

    try and see the bigger picture here.
    stop seeing things as black and white.

    well said krazi.

  18. argh, this is annoying me, who the hell said that? I know I've heard this before... help me out here Hempress
  19. Krazi, it's lyrics to a song by System of A's called Boom!, and it's on their newest cd. :D
  20. jeez I'm a dumbass, I actually have that album and I downloaded that video, and I still couldn't remember, thanks :)

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