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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Thelxiepia, Jul 17, 2002.

  1. well, i'm trying to grow some weed and it's been in some soil for 3 days now and nothing's come up yet. i've kept it watered and in the sun (moderate, not burning) and i've not gotten anything popping outta the soil yet. how far into the soil should my seeds be. i know not to put it at the bottom, but some plants need to be closer to the surface than others. i think it's about 2 inches down in some soil right anyone?
  2. well i put mine in down 1 and a half cm and it took just over a week to come through, now they are nearly 7 inches high and its only been 3 and a bit weeks, so just be paitent and look after them they will grow, all of a sudden they will be 2 inches before you relize im sure, keep it up and have fun

  3. Give them a week or two to break out. Don't overwater!
  4. oh ok :) and how long till it starts leaving? i gotta move it kinda outta site when it gets bigger.
  5. a couple of weeks after that!
  6. hey!!! i got some green popping outta the soil! finally!! :)
  7. now as soon as they pop out of medium,,,get them right under a flourescsent fixture,so they wont get leggy,,and will root n grow.....

  8. crappity. someone pulled my little plants! :( now i have to start over
  9. Safety and security first!!
  10. That was quick,,,,

    BPP knows.......

  11. it's ok. i need the experience. i just bough a half and the mofo had one of the bags loaded with seeds so i have more to experiment with.

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