Still not understanding from seedling directly into flowering

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  1. Hi , I have posted a question on here similar to this one, an a lot of answers I was getting was to do a sog (sea of green), or, a scrog,(screen of green), I don't know, I am confused are they saying yes you can go from seedling directly into flowering using these technics, also I am not looking into growing a lot of plants, I want to grow 3 or 4 plants, and I should had they will be in a closet, are they basically saying takeing like 2 or 3 plants and tieing them down? (and or), could I start flowering when the plants get 4 or 6 inches tall?  any advanced growers, experts, I would love to here from you,   :hello:    

  2. U can flower whenever u want. They will double and some triple in size during flowering

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    Hey. A few years ago me and a few friends did a pretty big 12/12 from Feminised seed grow. About 200 plants. The results was sumwhat foggy. Some plants ended up over 2 foot and had about 1.5 oz dry weight and some ended up 4 inch tall with 1 gram dry. The plants will flower as soon as they hit 3 weeks ish. So in my opinion it would be best to do 3 weeks on solid 24/7 and then dead on 3 weeks flip to 12/12 :)
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    I'm not quite sure what your question is, but I'll try to clear things up some.

    SOG = Sea Of Green. With the sea of green method (SOG) you grow as many small plants as you can fit into your grow space. Alone they are small, but all together they create a sea of green in your grow room. Hence the name.

    Scrog = Screen of Green. With Scrog you grow just one or a few plants and put a flat screen on the top to force the plants to grow short and wide, with a flat even canopy. Only the buds and a few leaves grow through the screen, and most of the under growth is trimmed off to allow air flow. In the end it looks like a forest of little nug trees when flowering.

    If you want to go straight from seed to flowering, you will still have to wait a few weeks for the plants to grow mature enough to flower. Even with the lights set to 12/12 from the start, you won't see buds forming for at least a few weeks, and then you will need to wait another 8 weeks for the buds to mature.

    If you're willing to wait just a week or so longer to grow with 24/0 lighting or 18/0 for the first month, then switch to 12/12 for flowering when the plants are actually old enough, you will get much better yields, without hardly waiting any longer for the finished product. That's just my 2 cents.

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