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still not liking it

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nolac, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. so the first few times i ever smoked i never felt anything. it was all the same stuff each time. then i was at my uncles house out of town visiting my cousins and happend to find a huuuuge bag of it. ive known my uncle was a pot head so anyway i show one of my cousins who is also a pothead..and he reaches in a grabs a handful and says that were gonna smoke it that night. after everyone goes to bed we smoked and that was my first high. i could have sworn i was getting lifted off the ground. i loved it. but now ive smoked 5 or 6 times after that but for some reason everytime i get high...i dont like first i do..but then i always get paranoid and worried. every single time. im wondering if i dont smoke as much will it be better. also i know theres a handful of different kinds of weed out there but ive felt the same every time. how different are the experiences of each kind?
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    happens to a lot of people just try to stay calm and tell yourself its all in your head. oh and about the different kinds they dont all give totally different highs there are some strians which are indicas that give you a body high some are stronger then others and there are other strians which are sativas which are a head high and some are stronger then others. there are also hybrids which give you a little bit of each kind of high
  3. smoke in comfortable, relaxed, familier place and u should be fine also dont think about bein paraniod or u will get paraniod
  4. Put on some good music. Something you can groove to.
  5. i have to say ive been smoking for 3 years now, and i still get paranoid like ill put stuff away becuz im worried maintenance for the apt might come in or if im in a parking lot ill get nervous if were smokin a lil bowl...i think you just get used to it but it doesnt go away completely
  6. its different for all. some people never get paranoid like me some do somtimes but it goes away and some always do i feel bad for those people lol
  7. just try to make sure ur comfortable with ur surroundings. I know when i was younger and smoked in sketch places i would be real nervous about people finding out.
  8. when i use to get paranoid i would just say, "im just high" and i would feel better. just dont worry yourself relax and enjoy
  9. yea just convince yourself your high and freaking yourself out, do it w/ friends, less scary, and do it in a good place w/o interuptions. Doing it in a scetch place or where you may get caught is always a buzz kill when you think about it so find a place where you wont need to worry or check every so often to see if people are coming
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    -Make sure you're not outside. If you are, make sure you're in a quiet area away from other people/cars (except your friends of course).

    -Make sure to have a nice, comfy place to sit down/lay. Whether it be a couch or a pile of leaves, this is quite necessary to enjoy your high.

    -Put on some good, upbeat music. Don't put on anything that's trippy (ex: Pink Floyd, techno, etc.) if you're still new to weed. Put on something like Sublime, or some upbeat classic rock you can sing along to. Smoke on the Water, I Love Rock 'n' Roll, and TNT are some good examples of what I'm talking about.

    -ALWAYS make sure to have water and food on you or nearby. You never know when dry mouth or the munchies will strike.

    -If you're planning on meeting parents/ teachers/ someone you don't want to tell you're high after you smoke outside, carry the following:
    • Some sort of spray-on deodorant (AXE, TAG, etc.)
    • Minty gum.
    • Eye drops for red eyes.

    Hope your future experiences are better. :)

    EDIT: Oh, and keep in mind that unless you were hot-boxing a car or something and smell like absolute shit, almost NO ONE can tell you're high. Just make sure to spray some deodorant on yourself and chew some gum, and no one can tell what you've been up to. Red eyes can easily be passed off as your contacts bothering you, allergies, etc. THERE'S NO NEED TO BE PARANOID.

    Have fun. :3

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