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Still No High

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TT2K13, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. So two days ago I smoked 3 bowl packs and did not feel any high (that was my first time smoking). And then today i smoked 2 bowl packs and still i did not feel anything. Is this normal? Am i not smoking enough? Sorry if this sounds dumb but im new.
  2. You may not be packing them enough or you could be throwing out what you think are ashes but could still be smoked
  3. Make sure you are inhaling correctly.
    Once you think the smoke is in your lungs, take a deep breath and hold it for five seconds.
  4. Are you inhaling and letting the smoke stay in you for a few seconds? And haha bowl packs!
  5. i dont hold in hits and by the 3rd one im good.. so maybe find something of a lil higher quality...
  6. My advice is take a breath like you would before you jumped into a pool. That hard deep straight inhale. You'll get baked for sure and probably cough your ass off :laughing:
  7. i used to smoke by just putting all the smoke in my mouth, THAT IS WRONG it goes in your lungs. good luck on your trip :)
  8. Are you Inhaling Or just holding the smoke in your mouth? If you inhale and don't get high, you must be immune to THC, that sucks no high for you!
  9. get sum better weed.
  10. This is very common for first time smokers. It took me 3 tries and I felt nothing. The 4th time it hit me and I laughed my ass off. I have talked to other stoners about this, and most of them said they did not get high the first time either. Keep doing what you are doing and it will hit you i promise. Maybe try some 20% THC or higher loud bud. Good luck and have fun!
  11. Have you been coughing when smoking these first few times.? and what are you smoking out of a pipe or bong? If it's a pipe and you're not coughing then you're Def doing it wrong because the smoke is so harsh Def for a newbie
  12. Using a pipe or a bong? 
    Use a bong if you can. 
    Hold in your hits. The golden time has been said to be around 5, but I don't really feel the head change until 10 seconds.
    Clean bong water. Clean pieces. Enjoy the taste of your weed. 
    Corner the bowl. This means simply lightly touch the corners of the weed. This saves herb and gives you the same high. 
  13. You should try smoking them from a joint. Then you can smoke those and inhale inhale inhale! Hold for 5-10 sec. then exhale.
  14. Learn to inhale.

    Suck smoke in to your mouth and take a big breath.

    If you are actually inhaling, my friend took ten sessions to get high so it does happen. He smoked a quarter of my dank bud in all. It just made him sleepy. It was pretty weird.

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