Still no GC app for iPhone?

Discussion in 'General' started by loudpaxk, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Ok so I got the iPhone 5 but I've looked everywhere in the App Store and still don't see this new app...
  2. That's because apple hasn't approved the app. You need to install the tapatalk app, and then search for grasscity.

  3. Damn it costs money, I think I'll just wait for the app and use the browser for now
  4. Im on it now

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  5. When did it get approved? I was in the "Is GC dead?" thread yesterday, and everybody was upset because of the tapatalk stuff.

    Happy for you IPhone peeps if it is up and running. Thankfully Android didn't give this hassle.

  6. Really? When I go to the App Store and search for grasscity, The only thing that pops up is this marijuana strain app
  7. There is no official GC app for iPhone yet. Just Android.
    The workaround is to buy the Tapatalk app, and search for the forums that way, or use the mobile site. Apple hasn't approved the app yet, and they've already denied it a couple times.
  8. I thought so..
  9. Someone pointed out tapatalk is free today. I tried it out but mobile site is better to me (even though im not fond of it either)
  10. Yeah honestly the mobile site isn't too bad, only problem with it is constantly zooming in and out and having to scroll around to find things. #FirstWorldProblems
  11. Someone mentioned the app, I searched it but didnt wait for the results.. forgot about it until now.. That sucks.. :/

    And for the guy that got trolled by the guy making it SEEM like he used an app on an iPhone 5, he simply typed it out. I can't believe someone fell for it lol

    Props to you, troll. :)
  12. Anyone else.just browse the full website on tbeir phone?
  13. Apple Co. hates GC
  14. I'm using Tapatalk now, it's not too bad.
  15. Its free for android IPhone sucksss

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  16. Just bookmark it on safari or add it to a homescreen icon. There isnt a GC app yet for iphone, however there is a decent mobile version of GC if you use it in the browser. You can also switch to the desktop version if you like it better and if you want more feautures like attaching pics. Both versions are straight it took me a while to figure it out though haha :bongin:

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