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  1. So I'm still trying to decide between super skunk, afghan, northern lights, white widow, master kush and durban poison. Any suggestions between these or other suggestions much apprectiated. I'm looking for the strain with the best balance between easiest yet best. Something strong - disease and mold resistant, hearty, potent and resinous, I know indicas are generally short and bushy but a tall one at that would be choice so hybrids on the indica side are acceptable , no autoflowers. I'm going to do indoor soil. I'm a sativa guy but I just love dank and I've been told sativas take skills. When I think indica myself first strains that come to mind are blueberry, afghan goo, permafrost, romulan, white rhino, kushes but experience feedback appreciated.
  2. I'd grow the northern lights, really easy to grow and low odor strain. After you get one under your belt go for some other grows, like a long ass durban poison grow (african landraces take a while to finish).
  3. I'm currently growing my second batch of white rhino it's nearly a pure indica and stays real short and busy

    I had no problems at all growing it ( was my 3rd grow )

    The buds were crazy covered in trichomes

    I defiantly got excited and gave it the chop a bit too soon could have gone another week but still wasn't bad.

    Gonna let my next lot flower till they are really done this time round an it should be real sweet :)
  4. Thanks very much for the feedback dissec yeah I've heard a lot of people on here say that nl is the choicest first strain and low odor is a major plus. So dp must be a sativa like most african strains. What exactly is a landrace?
  5. White rhino is another dank indica I'm probably actually going to with the nl then white rhino I watched a greenhouse video on there rhino and it looks like a nice full hearty indica with much pain relief and other medicinal values.

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