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Still in good shape

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NineTwoFive, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. I hurt my knee a while back, almost a year ago now, playing football, and I haven't really been able to run or do any lower body workout since then. I took an athletic training class, where I only lifted upper body, and didn't run at all. That class ended in November, and I haven't done anything athletic since then. I wanted to see what kind of shape I'm in, and I'm still running a 7 minute mile, 7:07 to be specific. Shit, if Michael Phelps smokes, it can't be THAT bad for your health.
  2. i feel like my lungs have gotten better since i started smoking (i dont smoke cigs). But i do get that smokers cough sometimes which sucks
  3. Yeah I feel good, no different than I did when I didn't smoke that often. I really don't know why the fuck it's illegal. Sorry to go off on a tangent. Thinking of this makes me mad. If it's not bad for you, you can't OD, you can't get addicted to it any more than you can get addicted to Twinkies or cupcakes, and it doesn't affect other people whatsoever, why the FUCK is it illegal? Just fucking legalize it already, and for anyone who throws a hissyfit, we'll let them smoke one J, and see how they feel.
  4. I've been smoking weed for about a year now everyday, i noticed no difference in my play and ability's in all the sports I play, even my mile is faster and I improved my 12 with a lap. grades are down though....

  5. sounds good to me. in the process of getting my mile to less then 10mins.

    also if you want to try a alternative way to smoke that gets rid of the combustion and all the hazards that come with it, try a vaporizer. more efficent,healthy and a more pure tatse.
  6. i tend to be one of those narcissistic people who likes to lift so i vaporize whenever i can, very rarely smoke!
  7. I had a reconstructive surgery on my knee (torn PCL, MCL, cracked patella, lots of cartilidge damage), and within a year a of PT, I feel 100%. It feels stiff and gets sore after my soccer games now, but usually only needs a day or two rest and some ice. I went to an actual trainer for 3 months after surgery, then worked out on my own, it hurt a lot at first, but I saw a nutritionist and he cleared me for a cortizone shot. Long jogs, short sprints, leg presses, squats, everything I did for 6 months. My knee felt great and I ended up only needing two shots, both in the first few months. So I would see your doctor and see if you can get a cortizone shot or a similar drug to suppress pain. Then work out a lot and the muscles can grow back.
  8. 5:45 ftw!!
  9. To be brutality honest, I'm Better in health!

    My Knees have improved, better lungs, and all this from some Bud XD

    Still, im improving my fitness tho

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