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Still high after 3 hours

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Canada Smokes, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. This happend to anyone else? Wtf in at work and it's fucking me up man

    Best buds for life.
  2. It happens, but why complain?

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  3. i wish i could stay high that long...
  4. After 3 hours and a heavy sesh I'll still be coming down. I find that after I smoke nothing bounces me back except sleep. So if I smoke at 10AM, I'll be dragging ass the rest of the day until I take a nap. I recently got a vape pen and some wax and after vaping I find there is literally no come down for me at all....
    I've been high 4-5 hours after taking 2 big dab rips for the first time.
    Just try to eat because you'll need the energy. Maybe don't smoke as much next time? I never smoke during the day M-F but if I do on Sat/Sun it will literally be one fat hit and I'll be good for a bit. I try to only smoke at night because it limits how much you can smoke, plus I have a full time job during the day lol.
  5. Lucky. Only way I can do that is to smoke three times or so.
  6. My first time smoking lasted 6 hours. Now it's usually just 1 or 2 though.
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    I don't know wtf you guys are saying,3 hours lol.I once smoked a shitload of quality hash in one session,believe it or not I was high for 2 days.I would sleep and wake up high.During that time I forgot my name,forget everything in every couple seconds,could not focus,could not see clearly.Boy it was bad.Yeah im a smoker.With smoking nobody could beat me head to head,nobody in my life ever did.
  8. it's supposed to last 4 hours.
  9. It never really lasts more than 1 hour for me, so I guess this was good stuff!!

    Best buds for life.
  10. lol if you aren't getting high for three hours after smoking, smoke better bud. Every time I smoke I expect to be high for 2hours at least and that is from a regular bowl and my tolerance is high as a mother fuck because I have too many oils to do me any good.
    When I used to start smoking and got my hands on some clinic weed. I would be stoned for 4-5 hours off of 3 hits. 2 of those hours I would be lying on the ground. This was when I got into some fire medical bud when I was 15 so that shit would get me blazed as the blazes.
  11. I only smoke on days ending with 'Y', anyway this is normal if you smoke enough, don't complain lol, just enjoy it :)
  12. Hahahaha!

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  13. You lucky bastard!

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