still got mad issues what am i doing wrong guys

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by mygrass, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. take a look what am i still doing wrong?

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  2. Is that an autoflower?

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  3. No all photoperiod bud

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  4. There rootbound, you need to transplant them.

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  5. Yes they're absolutely root bound

  6. hey guys you sure 1st they were transplanted a week ago from solo cups to 1 litre pots but i have transplanted again today but the roots didn't look root bound
  7. Yes root bound sounds rite one of my plants have it now as I accidently broke a pot .... the the other 4 are doing great mine looks very simular

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  8. oh okay, didnt look rootbound to me as they were only tansplanted a week ago i re transplanted again anyways.....
  9. New growth looks good. Not sure I agree with root bound, but then I go from solo cup to 1gal to 7gal. Leaves looked a little wilty but that could just be watering too much, give it a few days. They look good other than the bottom leaves.
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  10. hey bud was hoping you would comment i didnt think so either as you know i only transplanted from solo cups to 1Gal a week ago. i think i feed them to much to soon which was just a stupid mistake what should i do now bud as the fresh soil has a pre charge ec of 1'0 so like when plain water when nutes how often etc
    cherrs buddy.
  11. Also bud these are my hoily grails 69 that I had mad problems with I flipped on the 8th so bout 3 weeks ago she don't look right shouldn't i have more white hairs etc


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  12. I am noticing you do not have any drainage in your tubs. Refresh my memory what are they growing in.
    I am going to change my mind and say if those are really 1 gallon containers with branching like that.. You are definitely root bound. That looks like the kind of plant for 7 gal or larger.
    I'm a huge believer in Fabric pots. You really have really got that lollipopped pretty bare so the only place left to get nutrition is going to be your roots and what little leaves you have left. So I have to concur with the others to put in larger pots. It is normal to lose some leaves after shock or transplant, but new growth should be looking way better.
    The pictures give the illusion of those huge walmart tubs. My 1.5oz yield per plant roots easily fill a 5 gal smart pot.
    I moved up to 7's now. Good luck there buddy and keep us posted.. Message any time.
    If you loose a week or two of slow growth in flower it will be okay, but I would advise pruning less unless they are realy in the way of your bud sites.
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  13. no no bud this my flowering room bud god the one on the left is 20 litres others a 25 litre bud lol there in canna terra that branching is from 3 mounths of tranning to create a blanet of buds effect. ive done this as im learing a trainng methoad.

    in stead of having one main cola i get 20-30 main tops aka pic 5/6 ive sceen
    hygrohybrid pull a pound a plant with HHT methoad aka super/monster croping then you scrog and lollypop as artificial really cant pentrate the thick cannopy so you just end up with light popcorn buds no good 2 me ....... sorry buddy i didnt want to creat a whole new thread and block up the site my first question still stands for the freshly transplanted veg ones " what should i do now with regard to when do i water, when just plain water , when with nutes & how oftern??

    as for the ones in flower i flipped on the 8th shouldnt i have more whitle pistols by now buddy?

  14. this is the veg reply buddy
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  15. Ha! Sorry, I'm medicated :p That perspective had me going. I would't worry about the pistils yet. Took 14 days for mine to start, and they look great to me.. :)
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  16. Ha bud I did think so lol, with the ones in veg now that they been transplanted in fresh soil with an EC of 1.0 when should I water with nutes and when with plain water and how often please buddy ?

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  17. Gotchya. Well, if you feel you have over fed them, which is a possibility and very common to do, then I would flush and use ph'd water depending on your medium. Also may want to make sure things are draining. What ph is in and what ph is out?
  18. I think that's what caused the issue in solo cups so I transplanted again the other day. When people were saying root bound (2 days ago) what should I do with the feeding and watering how often just plan water and how often with nutes but the new soil does have a an EC of 1.0 .......

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  19. Why using EC or are you using that in addition to PH?
    There is a formula for calculating resistance to PH but most meters don't have the. Curiously, what is EC of water coming out?
    I don't use nutes much. I use the PPM meter occasionally, but I use so little that I barely measure. I got dirt and cocoa vermiculite, perilite mix. Not much need for nutrition :)
  20. How do I check that things are draining

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