Still got a problem with my temp. 33c.. how do I fix?

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  1. I am having issues with the temperature, I got a tent, + I bought an air intake and a small fan as seen here:


    I am asking myself, what is this really for? If it's for sucking all the hot air out, and trying to attempt getting my growing tent cooler, then why just ditch that and get a portable a/c and have it cool my tent to the exact temperature I want, something like:


    Should I just get another fan? how can I lower my temperature, my apartment's a/c is cooling the house, and still the temp in the tent in 33, I placed the fan blowing on the plant upwards as seen here in B:


    Anything else I should try?
  2. get air cooled lights
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  4. use the fan to suck the hot air out.... You really don't need an intake fan .. just go passive and leave a hole for air to be pulled into from outside the tent.

    If you need to you can put a small fan (like the one hanging in the pic) to push cooler air in from outside the tent.

    Hope that helped pm me if you have more questions.... Your setup looks good tho and on the right track. just need dialing in.:D
  5. the intake fan is making so much noise, would be great if I didn't really need it!, I can buy another fan or two, and have more air and coolen up the system I guess..
  6. I'll get the glass to cover the bulb..
  7. only do this if your venting the hood directly. otherwise the temps in the hood would make the glass break for sure...

    You can use a smaller fan or move the fan out of the tent and attach a vent hose to the hole and suck the air out that way... or get a fan controller that lets you slow the fan speed down. this will quiet it down alot.

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