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STILL get too paranoid...???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The JW Toker, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone, dont know if this is seasoned toker, but ive been smoking semi-regularly for the past almost 4 years so i suppose im considered seasoned? Anyways, ive smoked out of almost everything, i dont smoke everyday anymore or anything but i like to get high when i can. Anyways, i only really get high when i know that im not gonna have to answer any phone calls, go anywhere in public like walmart, or talk to family for at least an hour or two. I recently moved out, but still live with my brother, who sorta knows i smoke, but its like an unspoken thing. Heres my problem, when i smoke enough to get really stoned or baked, i STILL get pretty paranoid. I get paranoid of cops, parents, just like i feel like whatever can go wrong will. All of my friends always wanna do stupid shit like go smoke while we cruise, but honestly, id rather stay at someones house, i dont see why take an unnecessary risk when you know you can be safe. Does anyone else still get anxiety about being caught and ridiculed or arrested? I get EXTREMELYYYYYY nervous when i have to talk face to face with family or anti-non smokers. only if im pretty stoned. I end up acting very odd cause i try to avoid conversation just cause i feel so damn awkward! and its like not like im a noob at smokin or anything! Any of you feel the same way? sorry its so not high right now lol :(

    TLDR: ive smoked for a few years..but still get fucking paranoid and cant converse with non smokers when im baked!!!!!
  2. Non smokers don't understand. They just don't. It's sad but true.

    But your best bet is to make it a spoken thing with your brother. He's your brother. He's not going to send you to jail. Tell HIM this.
  3. Yeah haha, i hate how weed is talked about by non smokers. I'll overhear people talking. saying stuff like "i heard there was a big drug bust last week...apparently they had lotssss of marijuana" thinkin "oh for christ sakes people..they are just selling it to people like me...getting high, forgetting where i put my cheezits, then watching family guy before i pass out". I supppose thats why im so nervous, cause everyone in my town is so damn conservative its not even funny. Midwest FTL lol
  4. You sound like your in the same situation as me, except with my family they know about it. People who don't want to smoke and have no interest in it will almost never agree to any facts. I have anxiety, i used to when i was 16 17 smoke without freaking out or having a barrier, then i got arrested (luckily i stoops a few weeks prior) n didn't smoke for a year then smoked again and paniced. But i got put on à SSRI medication and my panic attacks were gone, i almost gained confidence, its actually why i confronted my parents. Then i went off of it for a week, and my first panic attack was induced by a pot cookie, i didn't even give my body time to digest it i just threw up immediately and had a panic attack for the rest of the night. It's just a chemical imbalance. I'm getting back on SSRI. My experiences are much more enjoyable now. I just ate a edible and am doing fine! :)

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