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Still get good high laughs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheStoner420, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. i still get some great high laughs but some of my other long time stoner friend say they cant anymore. I've been an everyday smoker for 3 years now and most of my stoner friends have also been smoking for at least 2 years. Do any of you long time stoners still get nice high laughs or laughing fits when high? And also post what cracks you up every time no matter what. :smoke:
  2. Mostly when I'm with friends or I see something funny as hell by myself. I have a particular friend who I always laugh with when I smoke, which is why he's my favorite person to smoke with.
  3. The thing that makes me laugh the most...stupid people on facebook and posting smart-ass comments on dumb-ass posts :D

  4. yea i have a friend like that as well its always nice and chill when we toke up together

  5. LOL i get a kick out of that too :D
  6. Hell YES
    I get a laughing fit every time when I'm high, and if i don't get one , I actually tend to get upset afterwards
    But as far as what gives it, I can't really answer , usually really dumb things that only a high person would say that makes NO sense at all

  7. I recently discovered this was my calling in life, great fun
  8. I have a funny ass group of friends. Sometimes we laugh too hard and start crying
  9. Depends. Not really with indicas, but if I smoke a lot of sativa and I'm with friends, I laugh.

  10. I tend to laugh more on an indica rather than sativa but i guess everyone is different

  11. yea i have a great group of good friends and we always have an awesome time
  12. All the time. It actually depends on who i am with, if i am with someone who is a relaxed smoker i with be relaxed , but if i am with my friends who enjoy to have a good time i laugh like a little girl with them haha. You never stop laughing after a good bowl with the people you love to be with.
  13. Oh ya, I've laughed so hard with some people my cheeks hurt the next day. It all depends who I'm with though, but ya, its not like a tolerance makes things not funny anymore lol.

    For the record I've been smoking for about 6ish years now.
  14. I get high laughs less now that I smoke more often, but I thought that was a tolerance issue. When I'm as high, things are still as funny.

  15. i agree bro its all about setting

  16. how often do u smoke?
  17. lol this is ridiculous maybe you should look into laughing yoga.... yea its a real thing
  18. [quote name='"omg nipz"']The thing that makes me laugh the most...stupid people on facebook and posting smart-ass comments on dumb-ass posts :D[/quote]

    I only go on facebook while high, its just pointless sober

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