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Still feeling weird after bad trip two months ago.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Powerpudding, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. So about nine and a half weeks ago I had about 50-60 milligrams of rice Krispy edibles and freaked out right before going to a high school graduation that I forgot about. A week later I made the poor decision of taking about 50 mg of those same rice Krispy edibles (homemade) And I freaked the fuck out. I was in school at the time and I got so paranoid I left class and just Tripped out in the bathroom for 2 hours. about a week after that I hit a dab pen.

    up until now I’ve been feeling weird and anxious. Right now With a homestay in France and the homestay smokes a lot with his friends. so far I’ve turned down Any offers for weed but I might have gotten some second hand smoke. I am not feeling terrible now but I still am definitely out of it, I’ve been anxious and I don’t feel fully aware/awake. Please help me. It’s been so long Since I’ve felt normal.
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  2. Another edible disaster! Unfortunately, there really isn't much someone can do, if this was unrelated to Cannabis, I would suggest seeing a doctor. For people who overdose on edibles, there have been plenty of reports of this type of feeling.

    People freak out on edibles, they panic and the anxiety stays with them (which actually can be completely unrelated to Cannabis.) Edibles are not for new users, 5mg (of good edibles) can completely trash me and if I took 50-60mg I would probably have a very bad night.

    Have you tried to hit a CBD pen? Ccell carts are cheap online they will not get you high. Maybe if you are anxious, you should explore why you think you are feeling anxiety. Just give it some time :)
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  3. Your just paranoid is all, nothing is wrong in relation to cannabis. Like mentioned eat or use some CBD and you will be just fine.
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  4. Ok, that’s good to hear. I didn’t know anxiety could make you feel this out of place.
  5. Anxiety and panic can really make your body out of wack. Doing too many edibles can really cause some real crappiness for a while too. :)

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