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  1. My roommates and I were discussing growing the other day simply because we're tired of "having to rely on other people getting their shipments in so we can make our store runs".

    We want to do it as cheap as possible, and only grow enough plants to keep the three of us (plus my girlfriend so four) happy until the next harvest. On average the four of us go through an o a week.

    How many plants do I try to grow, where is the safest place to get seeds, whats the best strain for newbs? we like body highs. Any advice?

    The other basics I have answered, ie how we want to do it, where, etc. We're thinking about getting one of those aerogardens because it's less messy and they're small enough to hide in a closet and lock the door.
  2. Well you seem to be in my situation. I live in an apartment and am going to be growing in my closet within the end of this month.

    There is a 400 watt kitt I plan on buying which comes with everything I need to start a grow, including the MH conversion as well as the HPS bulb for the vegetation and flowering stage. The only thing you need is a cooling tube for your HPS bulb, mylar to line the closet, your ventilation fan, and the seeds as well as any PH testers for your water and soil. The combination of things for me is going to run me about 400 bucks but with the 400 watts I can easily grow 6-7 plants in my closet which would hopefully yield be an ounce per plant. The only thing you have to worry about is getting male plants so I am thinking about buying feminized seeds
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    what is your idea of cheap? my idea of cheap is the cheap grow box (2 plastic toats stacked in a closet), thats what I am going to use, aero gardens would be good to seed, but not big enough for a full grow. try one of these:

    the hydro is like $334 and the soil I think is $499.

    for an easy grow, here is what I might be getting:

    I heard they have a high sucess rate for growing, and shipments arriving in the US with their stealth shipping. that strain is apparently easy to grow, and doesnt get very big.

    just remember, its like 1-2 weeks for seeding and veg (those will be small though), 6-10 weeks for budding, and then there is time to dry and cure. if your looking for quick bud, this isnt what you want to do, and unless you grow several monster plants, you probably wont get an o a plant, and you will go through the bud rather quickly. It's more for the experience, and the idea that smoking bud that you grew makes it taste better. The one plus side to this is, once you get one grow going, if you can set up a room for veg and a room for flowering, while you have a small place for clones/seedlings, and dry bud and cure bud all at once, you might have a continuous supply of bud. but thats for serious growing.
  4. That little aerogarden advertised on TV and magazines? That won't grow much.

    Also, group-growing is a recipe for problems. Too many people know about it, too many chances for someone to flap their lips, too much opportunity for in-fighting. If you can make it work then great, but often the secret is just too hard to keep for someone in the loop and then you get ripped off or busted. Be careful.

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