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Still failing first check home marijuana drug!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ann_Kat24, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. So tomorrow marks 30 days since I stopped smoking for a new job drug test. I've done at least 6 first check marijuana home drug tests and as recent as yesterday morning it told me I'm still peeing with Thc in my system! I'm a 5'1" girl weighing 118 pounds. I've done every trick in the book...i ate healthy and did intense fat burning workouts for the first week and a half after I stopped smoking. I did the gnc ultra eliminex detox drink a week after I stopped smoking. I stopped working out a week ago and have been jugging cranberry juice and water all the time. The test is at a labcorp so I know it's legit. I know it's harder for girls to lose fat than guys, but how am I still failing these first check drug tests? My lab Corp test is tomorrow and I'm terrified of failing because it's for my dream job. So basically I'm asking for help: how accurate are the first check marijuana tests? And what are my odds of failing tomorrow? Any help or advice is welcome!
  2. There is only one option here imo, fake piss.

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  3. I don't want to do that because they test for creatinine levels
  4. If you have drugs in your body, nothing is going to flush them except time. Drinking alot of water daily is going to put an unhealthy strain on your kidneys, but it won't "remove" the drugs; you can't really "fool" a drug test, I'm sorry all you can do is hope that you're within a safe level by the time the test is taken.

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  5. Could claim false positives and hope the retake will allow more time for your system to clear. Not 100% on this theory

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  6. First, just relax. At this point, there is very little you can do to change the outcome of tomorrow's test: you're going to pee the way you'll pee. Without any knowledge of how heavy you were smoking prior to stopping, any guesswork on when you'll be clean and ready to pass is simply that - guessing. It's also extremely difficult to say how accurate the tests are, or rather, no one without access to the product or its testing data can tell you with certain how often it reads false positives. As Stay Blazed said, there's really no such thing as a detox program or product that actually "works," since you already own a liver and two kidneys that kick ass at that. The only thing you can really do is provide your organs the time they need to do their job. Oh, and SB, no. Unless she drinks a gallon of water or more in one sitting without eating, she's not in any danger of hurting her kidneys with water.

    Now, as for tomorrow, Stay Blazed has some good points and I'll follow. Since you really can't do much to change the positive/negative outcome, there are a few options that present to you. For example, you can dilute your urine such that the concentration of cannabinoid metabolites (byproducts) in your pee is lessened per mL of urine. This may force you to have to come back for a second test, it may put you in negative regions outright, they may even claim you intentionally diluted your pee. Relax, feign, ignorance, and just take a second test if need be. As SB said, you could also wait until you're sure you tested positive before you claim you are one of LabCorp's false positives. If you say it confidently and relaxedly, the hiring company can choose to ignore you, but it's likely that if they believe you to be a serious candidate you can score a second drug test. Then stay absolutely clean until the next test, eat healthy, exercise, etc. and you should be fine.

    That's pretty much it, unless you have fake urine lying around.
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  7. I was a pretty heavy smoker. I would smoke just under a g a day. Some days I wouldn't smoke at all whole other days I would smoke a full g or more. I didn't become a heavy smoker until this time last year. I've been fairly thin my whole life considering I'm so short, but I am kinda curvy (not fat, I'm only a size 3) and I've always had a decent metabolism. I just want to know my odds of passing. Thank you for your advice!!
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    I don't know if anyone can give you the odds of passing without it being some parts conjecture and other parts BS. The only reason I can think why it might matter is if you're thinking of not taking the test if you're "almost guaranteed a fail," and then you skip out to save face.

    No matter what, you should go in for your test. Especially after a whole month of a break from cannabis, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't at least try to pass. Since you really can't say any better one way or the other, just see it as a coin toss and get it over with. -- If you're asking me for my opinion, I think it's more than likely that you'll come back negative after your month of cessation. -- At least there's some sort of an appeal process if it comes back positive, and hey, just think of it like this: you could be someone who never smoked and yet you come back positive because of a false reading.

    Act like that person would in asking for a retest and I'm sure you'll be pass the second (if not this first one).

    Best of luck! :)
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  9. Thanks for your advice!! :thankyou:
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  10. Best wishes to you op, let us know how it works out.

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  11. Okay since I haven't found an answer I like, check this out.
    So because of the law, I had to go and talk to a treatment guy who'd drug test me randomly (I always carried in Quick Fix plus which is fucking awesome unless you live in Oregon) and I asked him why my friend failed an at home drug test when he was next to people smoking.

    His response was that at home drug tests will look for ANY amount of THC by-product compared to a test for a job or a UA lab would test for anything higher than 40 of their unit (nl?). Edit: test lower than the 40 and you'll do good. I'm overweight and 33 days later I had 18 units of it in my body.

    You should be good, if not, hit up a cool "tobbaco" store that has quick fix, make sure it's legit, follow the directions and cradle that SOB by your nutsack. MAKE SURE you are quiet in the bathroom, take all garbage with you and piss in the toilet. DO NOT flush unless they tell you otherwise.

    Best of luck to you!
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  13. Water. Exercise. THC is stored in fat. Modern day strains can last in your system for 72+ days especially if you're a daily smoker to potent strains.

    The Mole Hole

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