Still Dont Know If I have Enough Light?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DaBondoja, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Hey all,
    So I started an operation with 3 babies about 2 weeks ago. It includes a 70 watt hps, 56w lps, and 3 CFL bulbs which are all 23w. The plants grow, and look to be working on their third node, however the stems are somewhat thin(compared to others I see) but seem to be very strong for their size, and the light is already within a foot from the peak. I dont know the strain or origin of these seeds, other then they came with a purchase of some green crack. (lol). I am contemplating scrapping and starting over but Id hate to waste potential bud smokage :mad:. I am possibly going to add some sort of light, either another 70w HPS or some serious "CFLage" but being its a smaller grow heat is already an issue.
    And on top of that I have tinfoiled up through the ying yang in order to be sure I use all the light within the space. Has anyone had success with a similar setup?
    I mostly wonder about the LPS light... I've read their barely effective but I acquired it for free. So why not? And I once removed the LPS to conserve energy but it seems they have slowed since, so i put it back into commission this morning.
  2. 50-100 watts per plant...
  3. I figured with enough reflectivity I could achieve 3 successful, not amazing, but successful plants, with the setup describe in my earlier post... Can they not share the light thats already there? And I am assuming at least one will be chopped(male) so that would leave me with 2 plants. But considering these variables I may just nurture one and focus all the energy on the singular plant, until I can get myself something nice in terms of lighting. Im not cheap, but I'd like to not dish out more than 500 on my first grow, as Im unsure if I will continue growing, so the inevitable question arises; what is a good approach for someone like me? Invest in a more powerful HPS or add CFL's? LEDs? I have some fluoro tube lights I could also use, but I read somewhere that these can only really nurture clones and seedlings, because the outer finish refilters UV rays into more of a light noticeable to humans than a photosynthesis supplement. But then again if CFLs work then fluoro tubes should as well?
    The help is much appreciated and I thank you all in advance :D

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