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still coughing shit up during tbreak?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lopeturtle, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. its been 2 weeks out of my 1 month t break, and i have been coughing up mucus non-stop. i was hoping it would go away after the first week, but i am still coughin shit up

    my mucus mostly has lil grey specks in it

    before the t-break i was smoking around a quad a week for half a year

    i also notice when i do a sport, i cannot stop coughing more and more mucus up and it is really annoying having to hack up shit every minute.

    any advice or help is appreciated. how much longer? cant wait to be back to smoking..
  2. Go to a doctor breh
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    Were you smoking joints/blunts all the time? I would stay away from tobacco products and buy a bong/pipe if I were you.
  4. When all your mucus is gone you will stop coughing it up. You could cut your t-break short maybe that'll slow it down and you can start rebuilding your mucus collection. I would cough it all up though, and buy a vape so you don't have to worry about it anymore.

    Edit: iPhone spell-checked -_-
  5. Actually every time I stop smoking/take a break my mucus and coughing gets a lot worse. So I think this is normal. To be safe though go to a doctor but smoking a quad a week for a year I'm not surprised if your mucus is a little different.
  6. You gotta stay off that shit until your lungs recover man
  7. Happened to me like two weeks ago, turns out I have Pneumonia.
  8. Go to a doctor.
  9. Get some medication.....not weed. Some anti inflammatory, always helps me.
  10. go to a doc i smoke the same amount as you if not more some weeks and have asthma and don't get like that.
    it could be nothing or it could be something but better to be safe than sorry.

    i know when i quit smoking cigs i was only coughing up shit for like a week maybe less and cigs are much worse on the lungs than weed.
  11. I bet you're a blunt smoker aren't you? You just have to stick it out. Coughing up mucus is how your body purges your lungs.

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