Still cant get order through.

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  1. So ive tried a few times this week to order seeds with a 100 dollar vanilla gift card. Ive tried the seedbanks that I always go to but with no success. This gift card at the bottom says valid only in the united states. If thats the case, does anyone know of seedbanks located in the US that doesn't charge like 30 bucks for a seed. I would normally go to barneys, seedsman or beesseeds with incredible prices. Is there anything here that wont suck my wallet dry.?
  2. North Atlantic seed co out of Maine. Grower's choice out of California.
  3. I just went there placed a good order but this damn gift card just wont go trough. I should of never bought it.
    but anyways its telling me the billing address doesn't match the card even though I set everything up on and even double checked right now. I actually thought this card would help me purchase online but its given me nothing but trouble.
  4. I dont know if they accept gift cards but heres a couple places to buy seeds that are reliable in USA.


    SeedHereNow. If you want some killer Indica dominate stuff Look into the Crickets and Cicada Puck BC3. These are original genetics that came from Nevil Seed Bank in the mid 80s. This are a more refined version of his Hashplant. Puck is a pheno that was found in his Hashplant seeds. It was a cross of Pacific Northwest Hashplant x NL1. Then he took a male from that cross, and bred it back to the PNWHP. Then the Puck pheno was found in 1988. Bob Hemphill took the Puck, and bred it back into original NL1, and got a male from that and bred it back into the Puck. Puck is also known as Skelly Hashplant.
    Also look into the Skunk x Puck BC2. Hes got a couple thers that are also really good, but of whats left these are what I would get.

    Katsu Seeds... For a big yielding, Sativa Dominate plant look into his Sour Diesel IBL. It a fast growing high yielding, very potent sativa dominant plant. Its a cross of Original Sour Diesel, and Stone farms Sour Diesel Male. The male has been around since 2008, and has just been released in crosses to the pubilc several months ago. Its supposed to be the best male ever found of the Sour Diesel line.

    DC Seed Exchange

    Great Lakes Genetics

    Seed Source

    Labyrinth Seeds

    AKBeanBrains. Iff you want old genetics from the 80s-90s, this is the place to get them. Hes got NL5, 89 NL, NL1, NL5 x Haze, Williams Wonder, Super Sativa Seed Club Durban Poison, Pre 2000 Kali Mist. Black Domina, Sensi Star F4, And many others, not including hybrids. He is best to deal with by email. Hes got way more virieties directly that from seed banks. And he us very generous with freebies.

    There ae other places, but these are a good start.

    Personally I would look into the Crickets and Cicada, and Katsu. With AKBeanBrains right up there.
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  5. thna
    Thank you for that list. Im gonna definitely try out AKBeanBrains. That's very interesting to get some old school genetics, It's never even crossed my mind lol. I'll let you know how it goes.
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  6. I actually got a message from North Atlantic and they told me " We do accept prepaid gift cards as long as there is an address registered to the gift card" which there is. But they also said they were having trouble processing these cards and they wonder that maybe there was an update that messed with this type of payment. Hopefully they can get this figured out soon.
  7. Buy an American Express or Mastercard or visa prepaid credit card at Walmart

    the other problem may be: is some credit card companies refuse to do business with some types of businesses
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  8. Call the number on the back and tell them you are making an international purchase, then try. Should go through.

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  9. I was able to make a purchase. I went with Greenpoint seeds. Unfortunately I bought photos when my intention was for autos only lol. I went with the catalina wine mixer, its a hybrid of Sherbert and Purple Punch. I got 12 beans for 71 dollars.
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  10. That's a good deal

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  11. Update. I just got my seeds today. Took around 3 business days

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