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  1. there was a thread here a month or so ago that had a link to show pics of diseased and damaged plants, i have found sites with discriptions but not the pics.. please anyone remember this link and where i can find it thanks in advance and it isnot overgrow or erowid again thanks in advance
  2. this is what i needed greatly appreciated

  3. It's not? lol... First came to help if I could and then saw its answered, didn't think I needed the info but then clicked link accidentally, some how I guess, and I guess I could use that info! Thanks :)
  4. so it was overgrow, i am blonde i made a mistake was ripped at the time of the original post as well. the pics make correctly solving your problems so much easier... new question though,, flowering began 14 days ago, multitudes of white hairs , when i switched from 20-20-20 to 10-60-10 is when i noticed the changes is this normal for a plant to adjust to the new ferts ??because now they are looking great, i removed the discolored and brown around edge leaves since have not seen a reoccurence..i think i asked a question ??? thanks again for the advice...i am under 400w hps drip feed hydro in 5gallon pails
  5. i don't get all that #-#-# yet, guessing I should? fertilizing is like only thing I need to know within the next week well completing my grow room. Guessing I can learn it all on but I will later if no one replys here. Most everything here asked is on but im busy right now so getting a response here is faster :)
  6. The fert is worked out like so N-P-K....Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O2) and Potassium Oxide (K2O) note thesymbol of Potassium is k and not p as i thought until my good friend woody pointed it out.....seemingly for vegging you want something like 10-10-10 and for flowering you want 10-60-10 well where i come from getting hat ratio is impossible so i have to settle with 10-25-25 which will do me just fine.....hope this helps.....Peace out.....Sid

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