Still can't believe Dimebag's dead...

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  1. Just seems like yesterday I was reading the lastest interview in Guitar World, but now he's gone forever because of some unbalanced 'fan'....*sigh*...

  2. how did he die?
  3. Now mind you I'm pretty drunk right now, but as far as I remember he was shot while performing on stage by a concert goer, one security might have died too, not sure tho..
    Shame tho
  4. drunk on a wednesday dude? thats timekill right there.
  5. ahahah true that
  6. No. A guy came in the concert with a pistol. Shot Dimebag on stage, then jumped onstage and shot 5 more people in the crowd, killing them. An off duty police officer came in with a shotgun and shot him once in the head, killing him instantly.

    I love shooting videos.. I just enjoy the screaming. But the best part is when the shooter is screaming at the people he's shooting. "fucking die!!!" *shoot shoot* *sigh*

    It is a pity that Dimebag had to go.. But, just another dead person, means nothing.
  7. That's pretty fucked up. Do you whack off to beheading videos? :(
  8. Im not going into personal details, but my mental state is what's known as 'sadism' but only to the extent that I can recieve gratification *mostly nonsexual, but ive recieved tingles here or there* by inflicting harm on other people. I mostly like watching or listening when im bored, but preferrably enjoy inflicting things myself.

    It may be fucked up, but it cant be controlled, so im very sorry >.>
  9. Like hell it can't be controlled. You can get your kicks from the internet as much as you like but I hope you don't go around hurting people or torturing animals and shit. That's just plain wrong, man, you should get help.

    Anyways, sorry to hear about Dimebag. It's a real tragedy for those people in the crowd who went out to have a good time and ended up, well... dead. :(
  10. Why did an off-duty cop have a shotgun?
  11. cool, honestly i really want to know what it feels like to take someone life. can i get your address i can make another dead person that means nothing? pm me.
  12. yeah i miss him too....I remember Ozzfest 2003 in Alpine valley Dimebag came out and played a set with disturbed..... i nearly shit my pants.

    It really sucks thats hes dead....and to the sadism guy that really cant be might need some help. Enjoying it is so close to condoning it and when you condone something terrible chances are youll end up doing it yourself.
  13. It really does suck.

    I'd like to think that is the way Dimebag would have wanted to go :rolleyes:
  14. Sure you wanna take out my mother? How about my cats? I'll tie em all up real nice on the front porch for you. Do as you will.

    Im kidding, stay away from me :wave:
  15. whats so hard to believe, most of those guys dont live to dimebag's age. fuck, another dead rock'n'roller, happens all the time. and its not like dimebag was the greatest player in the world, he did rock but that was like 20 years ago man, get over it
  16. While this is true, he was still one of the greatest guitarists the world had seen and he was great right up until he got shot. His death was still a great loss to the rock community.
  17. Hah, probably! The sad part is I was really liking Damageplan and was disappointed to hear that he died because I had been looking forward to hearing new shit from them.

    Damn that was a long time ago, wasn't it? Seems like a long time to me, but hey, my days go by real slow. :smoking:
  18. i was completely kidding about wanting to kill someone, but now that ive met you i am seriously reconsidering my values. i think itd be worth me sacrifing jail time to eradicate you so that you will never procreate you sick fuck. i dont want more people like you in the world.
  19. That's some fucked up shit, I like doing things jokingly to see reactions from people (hardly ever physical, mostly like I like saying things and experimenting and seeing how people wil respond) but inflicting straight up pain and enjoying it is fucked. It's controllable, don't bullshit like it isn't, that's a purely psychological thing and if you really felt bad about it, you wouldn't do that. If you splurge in your pants from cutting a kitten's head off, then maybe you got a problem.
  20. But thats the thing, I dont feel bad about it. So theres really no reason for me to stop anything. Say what you will, im going to stop posting on this thread.

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