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STIGGYS- Psycho Ward , Weed Friendly Place, A safe place for Old Degenerates .

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by STIGGY, Apr 6, 2016.


Does anyone else think it's all Azzes fault

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. NO Not Really Azz is OK Guy

  4. Of Course This is all a Goof Azz is A OK

  5. Its all Stiggys fault

  6. It's all 57 fault

  7. It's all Heavn Fault Ya that;s it

  8. It's all Phils Fault

  9. It's all Earls Fault

  10. This Poll is no longer Valid LOL

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I dare you to say that to a België face.,

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  2. I would totally pull up a chair to watch when he got home.

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  3. Hugs

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  4. Not a lot. if it hit it just right from behind
    The police use a method called the pit maneuver to spin cars all the time.
    If the vehicle is struck just right from the rear it will spin the car in front and sometimes flip them too.
    But 30 miles a hour sounds about right maybe faster to cause the flip.
    See illustration
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  5. I learned this myself when I was applying to be a body guard
    Many years ago
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  6. Double O Stiggy
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  7. upload_2017-12-7_8-30-16.png
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  8. Your statistics are flawed. Most of them are Berber or Turk. Arabs are a minority.

    Besides, they all are concentrated in Brussels and Antwerp.

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  9. But who is bombing the train stations?
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  10. Ya all are a bit confused terrorists can be from anywhere. Usually most would say religious aka Muslim, but hey whatever.

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  11. At our airport it was a bunch of Africans. Our subway system as well. Our train station never got bombed. But a Persian tried though.

    Now they were all moslim.

    But the most successful terrorist on European land and even in the western world was a white guy from Norway.

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  12. It doesn't matter what the fuckin guy does they always find something to bitch about.

    "Outrage on the streets as Trump uses public restroom"

    "As President Trump uses restroom an outcry by the public has taken place, instead of using the central stall for his dump he used the one to the far left. Clearly this is a personal attack on all Leftists of the US and it doesn't matter that the center stall was occupied because Trump is a big old racist meanie."

    Fuck off already.
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  13. Azz Did you forget to take your Happy Pill Today
    What did I tell you about That
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  14. Spum
    I am Not calling anyone out just wanted to know who was doing the Nasty deeds.
    No offense meant.
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  15. I meant a little offense but that was to wind up @Heavn.

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  16. Ughhh

    Yes uncle Stiggy I'll take my happy pills....

    *Muttering quietly*
    "Goddamn liberal shitheads.."
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  17. I understand what you meant
    But Others don't understand Us as we do.
    Words can very easily offend both friend and foe as we have seen in other threads.
    I hope Peace has been restored in StiggyLand.
    Love all of you guys
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  18. This is true, often they misunderstand my playful barbs.
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  19. Exactly
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