Stickyfingaz is back with jack herer feminised.

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  1. Well Well im back and back in style, i enjoyed the last grow so much iv decided to spend £150.00 on 10 seads, im still using the same set up as the last grow, i was going to change a few things but it worked so well im just going to do the same as last time, only im going to grow 5 insted. was going to do 3 again but im planing to take loads of clones and go for a monster SOG grow, im going to flower the first 5 make shore there all females (as hermies are a bitch) then im going to properly flower the 5 plants then im going to veg the clones for the 8 weeks they are in flower so they will be big as hell lol then im going to take more clone and repeat the cycle.. so stay tuned

    orderd the seeds toda and they will be here in 1-3 working days so were talking wednesday befor germination begins...

    heres my grow plan for the 5 JACK HERER fems

    Seedling Stage,

    i plan on using my own mix of soil using a fluffy compost with vermiculate, mixing 2 parts compost to 1 parts vermiculite. they will start their lives in the natural way, compost. inside a 2foot long humidity dome. the light i will use will be a twin 2 foot 100 watt (50 watts each tube) floresent strip light, they will stay under their for 2 weeks. just bh balanced water for this time.

    (exuse the tray in the photo i have baught a new one)


    Veggative Stage,

    I plan on transplanting into 2.5 gallon pots and using the same media as seedlings, they will be put under a 300 watt flouro propergation unit recieving 24/0 light also i will have a cool mist humidifier and a fan at the top of my grow room as it will take up a plants worth of space + i exspirianced a bit of wind burn when growing the lowryders so its better all round up at the top, they will stay in here for 4 weeks or untill 2 foot wich ever comes first. i will be feeding them bio-bizz grow with liquid seeweed. also with ph balanced water.


    Flowering Stage

    I Pkan on transplanting into 5 gallon buckets using same media from all other stages.
    they will be put into a 1m x 1m x 2m bud box with a 12inch crome ocsilatig fan for air movment a 100 mm rvk inline fan blowing wing cool air in and another 100 mm rvk fan sucking air out (obvo one at top and one at botton) i will also be using a 400 watt 90000 lumen hps light with a cool tube reflector hooked up to 5 m of ducting with a 125mm rvk fan blowing cool air over the lamp keeping it nice and cold... and thats is really other than i will be using bio-biz bloom with liquid seeweed.


    so then my friends i will see you all when the seeds arrive for the first update..

    peace out
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    I'm liking your setup a lot. I've been thinking about buying expensive seeds for my next grow and I'm interested to see what the Jack puts out for you. I'm not sure about your 400 watt hps putting out 90000 lumens, considering I have a 250w that puts out about ~25000. From what I've read 1000w hps are ~120,000 lumens. I'm digging you cool tube tho! GL!!!!
  3. thanks for the reply m8, the lamp im using is a 430 watt phillips t-son pro and it says 90000 lumens on the box, any way stay tuned my friend this will be good, my last grow i pulled 17ish ounces of 3 4 foot plants so i should pull a hell of a lot more from 5 if i use the same tequnice as last time.....
  4. Hmmm I thought I already responded to this thread for some Reason.

    Thats whats up Sticky. I hear Jack Herer is some real connaisseur bud.

    I smoked some once a long time ago and it was mixed Black Domina at a party so I really couldnt judge it.

    But itll be cool to see a whole Jack Journal with a smoke report at the end.

    Good Luck man.

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    I didn't catch your last grow but congrats on the great yield! I was just looking up some information about the variation in lumens and bulb wattage. Anyway according to this thread the Philips Son T Plus, HPS 600 watt, puts out 90000 lumens at 1950k spectrum. Some other numbers for phillip bulbs I found show:

    Philips Son T Agro HPS 400 55000 ~2.05K
    Philips Son T Plus HPS 400 55000 ~1.95K
    Philips Son Plus HPS 400 54000 ~1.95K

    It doesn't seem like a 430w philips bulb is going to put out 90000 lumens unless you get the 600w. What do you think?
  6. maybie it is a 55,000 then must be a diffrent messure from diffo countrys, we will see the results from 5 plants, i have 17 ounces dry to beat lets give it a go....
  7. gunna enjoy watchin this grow! :D

    Jack herer is amazing shit, i have nirvana's version, jock horror which i just harvested last night. Got bud shots which should show ya the crazy high quality the shit is. your gunna love the strain once you start it up :eek:
  8. right then guys seeds arrived on wednesday. and been inside the germination dome since, no life as of yet, got a feeling will be monday tho......

    also i decided to get two other strains along side jack, i got feminised lemon skunk and feminised g13 labs x super skunk.

    also iv had to leave my house to visit my farther-in-law who is ill so iv braught them along with me so they are sitting in my f-i-l's airing closet, after ward i have designed a little seedling early veg box to keep them going untilll i go hom, im using cfls ,

    i have got 2 jacks 2 lemon and 1 g13 labs.... so stay tuned pics will follow l8r today.. peace out my friends..
  9. Right on man. Exciting to see another Jack grower on this forum. My JH are at 5 weeks 2 days of flowering. Growing under a 400 hps. No cool tube though :( I'll definitely let u know how mine turns out and I hope yours goes awesome as well. I'll most definitely be watching this one. :wave:
  10. thanks m8, should be fun to go another round, need to get them home really as 2 20 watt cfls will probly get them through seedling but i aint spending out money when iv got a £1000.00 set up at home lol, so i will be getting them home in next 2 weeks,,,, will be a bit dodgy driving down the motor way with 5 plants in the boot, lets hpe i dont get pulled lol pics in the next hour.... just avin sum munch lol
  11. soz for the wait people, got caught up in a load of other things.. + my camara is a puts out a bigger width and height than allowed as its a 15mp camara so iv had to resize them etc etc so anyway here are is the temperary grow box...

    here's the lid with the 2 cfls iv put 2 bits of wood in, so when the lid is on the box the lights sit directly over the dome and as the plants get bigger il keep cutting the wood to raise the lights...


    here's the box with the lid on, looks pretty bright to me so fingures crossed the lights can raise 5 seedlings..


    here are the five pots busy germinating the little ladys...


    and last but not least is a little seed with a sprout hanging out, i found her trying to escape from the soil so be fore putting her deeper into it i though wat the hell il take a pic for you guys to see, i think she is doing well considering they had not been germinating for little over 30 hours...


    so then there we are il be back once the first on has sprouted from the soil...
  12. that box looks radioactive or sumthin with the glow it has haha.

    the setups lookin good bro, lookin forward to em stickin their heads outta the soil :eek:
  13. lol yeah it does look kinda weird but non the less i think that yellow is very reflective so its all good and i have good news one of the jacks have poked out the soil,,, waiting for the camara to recharge then il take a pic....
  14. hey hey people, here's 2 pics one of the inside of the temp grow box and one of the first jacks to sprout... can belive how fast they have germinated, yesterday they were tiny little sprouts and now there out and growing lol any way here they are..

    lnside the box


    and heres the new plant....


    any comments welcome thanks
  15. just ripped a bong of herer while looking at it being born through your thread, very cool... gl bro
  16. I'm gonna watch this one as well, as I am so intrigued by this strain. I hope it'll be as easy to grow as it will be to enjoy!
  17. So it begins.....

    The first Jack Herrer sprout is above ground.

    This will be interesting.

  18. How exciting sir. Check out my thread to see what you have to look foreword to. Good luck.
  19. I love Jack its my favorite....very clean surgical smell!:smoke:

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