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Sticky, Wet, Sparking Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokesforaliving22, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. My weed is sticky, very sticky.. it is wet a bit and when I light it sometimes it sparks.

    Could it be laced with some liquid or something?

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  2. Billy Boy..
    SAY WHAT???????

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  3. How would juan know if it were given that it could be chemicals?
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  4. Can you post a pic of it?
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  5. Have no idea..If suspicious find another plug..Did you feel anything out of the norm when smoking it..If so, tell your current plug and see what he/she says..
    Some strains like GG#4 are sticky AF anyway..:)
    Pictures maybe??
  6. I didn't die.
    It also didn't make me feel wierd it was just very sparky! like wtf..
    Life goes on.
  7. thats some alien shit
  8. You have bud that just wasn't cured or dried properly that's all. Highly unlikely it was sprayed with anything! So much cannabis is rushed to market anymore. Most of the bud I get is so fresh, it still has a ton of moisture in it. So I will usually finish drying and curing it so it's no biggie. I have found the only issue can be mold forming cause the bud is bagged up still too wet and this is a big no no especially during the spring/summer months where the humidity is so high.

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