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  1. Long story short i just caught my mom cheating on my step dad. Im not sure how do adress it with him, Her, The guy shes cheating with, or if at all. Im rather frazzled and just have no clue what to do. All my friends r in bed so i dont have anyone else to turn to so im asking the city for any advice yall can give thanks in advance
  2. That's pretty heavy. What exactly happened if you don't mind me asking? Maybe confront her first and see what she says. Then talk to your step dad about it. I honestly am not sure how I'd approach the situation myself it sounds pretty intense I'm baked right now too thinking about it.
  3. shit man. thats horrible. its your mom so in the end you cant throw her under the bus, but you should explain to her the only shot she has at saving face with her son is to be honest with her new husband.

    ps-shoot me moms number ill make the ol' gal a one man type of girl in no time

    ha im just kidding.

    unless shes hot.

    post pics?

    ha jk again
  4. [ame=]South Park: A Sticky Situation - YouTube[/ame]

    My advice: mind your own business.

    You know it, don't forget it, but keep it to yourself.
  5. maybe tell the guy shes cheating with to back off? idk that sounds horrible though...good luck
  6. Hey ugh pls don't tell mom :)
  7. Beat the living shit out of the 'guy'.
    Oh, and tell your mom before you tell the step dad. Give her a chance to come clean. If she doesn't, tell him.
  8. OP, I need you to tell me your relationship with your mother, and your step dad
    are you good w with them orrr?

    cause I wouldn't try to break shit up unless I already didn't like circumstances

    you may just want to mind your business here man..
    address it with your mom tho, you gotta do that.
  9. I wouldn't say anything to your stepdad unless you're really close with him, and by that I mean like he raised you. Otherwise it's their business. But you should definitely confront your mom and tell her that while you won't say anything to your stepdad, you've lost a tremendous amount of respect for her.
  10. If I were you I would be straight up with your mom and tell her to stop being a slut . You might want to phrase it differently though.
  11. Thats honestly pretty good. Saying it like that will make her understand how serious you are. Thats really fucked up thou
  12. Talk to your mom first, back in HS my mom covered for me for everything! So if this would happen, I would talk to her and make a deal or something.
  13. You could blackmail her and get something you want if it hasn't been said already
  14. If your step dads cool dude. Talk to your mom say you know what sup.

    If u wan to make money u can black mail her
  15. Don't blackmail your mother, thats just ridiculous. Honestly i would talk to her about it. Let her explain the situation...or don't and just say you don't want to know, that her decision is hers obviously but if it starts affecting your life (say she kept at it and after a long time they got a nasty divorce) then she needs to get it figured out. Idk man, that shit is heavy as fuck. i would hate to have to deal with that

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