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Sticky pot = good sign!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Rajel, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Just grabbed a little ten, when I got home nad tried to take it out of the bag it was stuck together pretty good, so I did the only logical thing and stuck it to my monitor for pictures.


    [​IMG]Havn't smoked any yet, about to bring out the bong and play some Oblivion.:hello:
  2. Cool stuff! :hello:
  3. Oblivion is an amazing game. Also, your weed seems very sticky. Hopefully it will treat ya kindly.:)
  4. LOL!

    dont lie tho, u know u used glue...:D

    jus playin man...looks pretty damn good
  5. ohhhh i bet it will smoke FOREVER!!!
    lol dont we all love the magic dank nug?
  6. sweet ass, nice stickyness:smoking: sticky bud is sweet
  7. + rep man..haha lov eit
  8. haha man its looks like a bird shit on your computer screen
  9. Amen.
  10. Hahah.. Coo.. Watch when you break it up tho, last time I broke it up and put it into a blunt and I looked at my fingers and they were all sticky and had little pieces of weed glued to it haha.
  11. damn, those are some sticky nugs.
  12. Hell yes it is a good thing. One of those tiny nugs should smolder in your bowl for a long minute. Nice!
  13. careful, you dont want it crawlin up the wall.
  14. nice looking bud!

    the stuff i get is never sticky like that. if i spend time breaking a load up i get a bit sticky, but otherwise nothing.
  15. sticky icky icky! :love:
  16. Golly gee! Stick them on my buttcheeks and let me run away with them.
  17. Yeah it is a good sign
    And that is soo freakin sticky
    IS gun burn for a while
    Nice one, have fun!
  18. Haha that's great man.
  19. Nice sticky glue bud, bet that shit is great like tony the tiger son. :smoking: JOE>
  20. lmfao dude you get +rep for your randomness.

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