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Sticky? or wet?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jjshots23, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. #1 jjshots23, Feb 14, 2009
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    [​IMG][/URL][/IMG]hey so i just picked up some good looking beasters..and this is my first encounter with what i'll call squishy bud. I usually have bud that you can crumble in between your fingers and it breaks up enough to put it in a joint or load up a bowl. With this weed you cant break it up and have to just rip it apart. You can also push down on the bud with your fingers and compress a good amount, so its like "squishy". Im just not sure if ive got good sticky bud....or bud that is yet to fully dry and my dealer tried to rip me off with. Any help would be appreciated! thanks!:smoking:

    i added pics to help out
  2. sounds wet to me, put the bud in a brown paper bag for one night and it should help. +rep if this helps
  3. Ya do that, it sounds like wet bud to me, and I might be misunderstanding but did you just tell him to +rep you? If you are... :mad:
  4. it could have been dry and he added orange peels. i do this all the time it it gets "squishy". in my opinion it burns longer like that
  5. beasters are notoriously known for being wet its not your dealers fault necessarily. The way you described ripping apart = wet.
  6. #6 SovietRed, Feb 15, 2009
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    He's right. The outside could be nice but as soon as you grind it or break it up with your fingers you realize that the bud is wet as hell. Just leave it to dry for a bit on a piece of paper. It might not be the dealers fault. And wet bud is better than getting bone dry bud man.
  7. yeah ill put in a brown paper bag tonight. A basic brown lunch bag work?
  8. yea it will work
  9. dry bud weighs less

    so if it was wet, it wieghted more and you got less bud for your money
  10. its good dude. good bud shouldnt crumble, you should have to rip it apart. its not too wt by any means. it is ripe. :smoking:
  11. nah that's some wet shit. I just made a wet pick yesterday that pissed me off wet shit is only fun with Js my bud is drying out some beside me now
  12. Errrr... FLuffy?
  13. It's just really fresh. I got a quarter last night it was the same exact thing, different strain but the same thick dense sticky bud as you describe. It's smoking good for me.. im smoking right now and the ash is burning white and im blazed. Its sticky.
  14. hey thanks everyone... i let it set out on a paper towel for a few hours tonight and now its a little more firm..but still able to bend a little and not crumble. Just right. thanks!
  15. i had some dealers sell me wet beasters before, but i think he was adding water for weight, as for the squishy nature, ive had some dank that i let cure for months that would squish down and come back to life, that was some tasty nugs
  16. i've definately had bud like that before, and although you get less bud for the money, it definately seems to burn a lot longer than dry bud. and it is A LOT better in the vaporizer, it will last forever :D
  17. can you crack the stems?
  18. ^^
    yesterday the stems would just bend...and after letting the buds sit out for a few hours they now snap.
  19. generally i wont buy bud if the stems dont crack.
  20. I picked up last night from a guy I wouldn't usually buy from but because everyone else was and there was no other bud we got an OZ. It's pretty squishy and the stems don't crack, but MAN we got f*cked off that shit! I'm glad I came across this thread, I'm going to try the leaving out to dry idea because I prefer dry crumbly weed :hello:

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