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Sticky dank vs Dry dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by tstick, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Okay, so I've noticed a couple of things about dispensary strains. That is, many of them are covered with trichomes but are not sticky. They are dry and fluffy and frosty and all the trichomes look great under the microscope, but they are not sticky and they honestly don't possess that room-filling stank when the jar is opened up.

    Why is that?

    I did find a place recently that sells the sticky, stinky buds....and the stickier the buds, the more it stinks when broken up and the better/stronger/more intense the effect is, too. At the same time, I have some dry dank that's just stupid strong, too. What is it that makes one frosty bud sticky and the next one dry?

    Just looking for a discussion. Be gentle!
  2. I agree dispensary bud tends to be frosty but a kinda dry and lacking in stinky ness that's not every place tho....
  3. Some might not have good cures, others might have just dried out to the point of losing their aroma.
    Could be either/or.
  4. Perhaps that's a good thing? Some plants produce more resin than others, like Afghan strains, for example.
  5. It's all in the cure. And strain type. And grow conditions. Lol.
  6. Which makes me think that the terpenoids are more volatile than the THC and day after day of them opening jars, the terpenes evaporate....which doesn't affect the THC, etc...but does affect how tasty the smoke/vape is.

  7. I hear ya, but I'm talking about dispensary-grade weed -you'd think they would only accept the best of the best strains from growers because there are so many people growing it out there now. I have about 40 strains in my stash at present, so I run across quite a few examples.

    I'm seeing a fairly consistent dry-yet-dank array of buds in most places. But, like I say, I did find one place that has the sticky buds -indoor grown in dirt organically. The results are that the buds are fluffier, hairier and stickier...also they smell stronger and they STICK to everything. The baggy literally peels away from the buds when it's opened. I definitely get a better flavor and this blends into the overall smoking experience for me whether the weed is 25% THC or not.
  8. This is dependent on alot of factors, strains, grow medium (aero, soil, hydro, etc.), nutrients used, cure, and drying process. But the biggest difference lies within the dry/cure process, they were probably done differently or for different periods of time, or both.
  9. Ohyeahhhh well honestly I have no medicinal dispensary experience whatsoever. But yakno they do buy from normal everyday growers I'm pretty sure to generalize.
    I mean I'm sure your familiar with how you store your trees how the quality and characteristics can change, glass is best, nothing new. But you know if trees dry out too much before curing, that's when they get on the whispy crispy side. Where if you dry your trees over a longer slower period of time they will have a better more cheesy consistency, and the buds will pull together and clump up during the cure. I'm a novice but this is my understanding of how it happens. I'm sure it's a very strain variable thing as well. But if growers are going more ""commercial. In growing techniques only to sell to a dispensary, I'd kind of feel like they would kind of skimp out on the drying and curing process, just to get their money close to harvest and whatnot. Not to judge a dispensaries integrity for their product, like I said I wouldn't know
  10. you want it inbetween dry and sticky...

  11. Yup. That's how I like pussy too.
  12. Pussy shouldn't be sticky bro...
    Or dry...
  13. Or green and hairy.

    Marijuana is a terrible analog for a vagina
  14. lol dispensary weed? True some dispensary workers are growers but last time i checked dispensarys just don't pop all there bud out of there ass it's bought from different growers in the area. You know the way all weed is created by growing. I think it has to do with how recently is was harvested/set to dry/how long it was cure/growing technique/other factors as well.
  15. ive got dry dank dog og skunk

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