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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by lpr, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Which one do I buy famalams?

  2. Stick Brick vape bro. Which one should I buy?

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  3. Whaaaaaaaaaa?
  4. Have you considered marijuana?

    Which one does a pimp like myself buy?

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  6. Is there...Guava? Cognac? Peach?
  7. thanks for the clarification, OP.
    I have not tried the product, but now I really want to!!

    I would suggest the OG design, though. I would guess it is tried-and-true!
    this is the wood grain I liked best, personally:
  8. Ya I'm thinking about going the OG route and then I foolishly looked at the Maxx. I keep going back and forth and just need to pick one up.
  9. it
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  10. end up deciding on one, OP?
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    Bought a maple Sticky Brick Jr. Should be here by Saturday. I’m super excited. Going to buy a Runt mouthpiece next and a WPA after that.

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    Came early!

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    Edit: fuck this shit blows clouds and tastes good as fuck. Damn bro. I’m done combusting. I’m high as a shrew right now.
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  12. Water pipe adapter coming in this week. Will report later on.
  13. Fucker rips bro. I don't even smoke no more. Fuck that bullshit.
  14. Congrats on the Brick! Some of our favorite vapes

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