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'Sticky Black' Hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Kryzax, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. I've been a smoker for about 4 years. I'm from England. Round here, every now and then I get some hash from my dealer, called sticky black. It's not often he has it but I buy as much as I can when he does! Unsurprisingly it's black on the outside, it's dark brown on the inside and it's very potent. So much better than green in my opinion. It smells like pepper, tastes smooth and it also gives me the crazy munchies! I've often noticed the gold stamp on it which I'm told is from Amsterdam. My questions are these:

    What is the name / are there other names for this hash?
    What is your experience from smoking it?

    First post :smoking:
  2. I've had this...

    Dont know the name, but i think the name was "sticky black hash" lol
    but we smoked a blunt of this stuff, and hit bowls out of the bong.

    in my opinion, dont waste it on a blunt. Hitting bowls of the stuff is way better. Made me and my homie extremely quite.
  3. Bubble Hash.
    I've smoked hash like this, made my body literally sink into the couch, stoney high.

    Edit: Welcome to GC :hello:

  4. i am smoking some "sticky black" right now&have been for the past year,im up the road a bit from you in england so itll prob be roughly the same,it is peppery as you say&does give mad munchies&it has a skunky whiff about it too,good stuff!we just call it gold seal black or red seal black or just black,i think the gold seal one is from pakistan though,i had a bar&it had a pakistan emblem on it
  5. Ive got some on the go right now. It reminds me of the Nepalese hash I got in Amsterdam.
    Whilst I have heard others describe it as potent, i more find that its effects are very subtle and creep up on you. Ive been smoking for about 10 years and havent got the giggles from smoking in ages. but this stuff does it for me. If you want to unwind, sit back and watch some comedy, this stuff is tough to beat.
  6. iv also got some just now,it does get me stoned but i get some totally unreal munchies!
  7. Anyone know if you can vapourise it? Im trying right now and not having much success. I have my Da Budha up at its top temp. Its been in for ten mins with no results yet. Dont really want it to melt and screw my heating element. Also I definitely dont want it to combust. I do definitely want it to vape though. I can imagine the effects would be amazing!
  8. how much are you guys paying for a half q of this??

    im paying £15 and wondering if that is good?
  9. Hash should NOT be sticky at all or leave smudges on your fingers when handling it.

    If it is, it's poor man's hash where they just mixed Kief and Rez

  10. Qwiso is also sticky.

    well at least the way it came out when i made it.
  11. I can only vouch for what I have. But this stuff is far better than the basic Moroccan black iwhich fills the UK market. Ive had stuff very similar in Amsterdam called nepalese hash, it's great!
  12. [quote name='Sexy Goat']Hash should NOT be sticky at all or leave smudges on your fingers when handling it.

    If it is, it's poor man's hash where they just mixed Kief and Rez[/QU

    cannabis resin/oil is sticky dude. It is a resin after all
  13. This thread is over 2 years old...
  14. I bought some recently and got it started again after finding this thread on Google.

    BTW, TPB rule. I saw them live in London last year, best show I have been to!

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