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    I drive a 2003 Hyundai Accent 5 speed. Yesterday i started noticing problems with the clutch pedal. If im at a stop light with the clutch all the way down, the car shakes as if its about to stall. If Im downshifting, like 4th into 3rd and i let the clutch out it also shakes as if its about to stall. Same if im going third into second. This isnt because im going too slow because i know this car inside and and out and its very unusal.

    The clutch pedal is only a few years old. My dad got a new one put in before he gave it to me. Its been fine up until yesterday

    Does anyone know what could be the problem?? A friend told me it could be shitty gas.

    ill try to answer questions if you have any.

    Thanks a lot
  2. I doubt it was gas if it was where you usually fill up and its not winter gas. Does the clutch still bite normally at the same point? Slippage? Check your fluids?
  3. Check your clutch fluid for sure I bet its low. If it is check for leaks!

    You will use DOT3 brake fluid to fill it up.

    Any change in pedal feel or pedal free play?
  4. Could be a throwout bearing. Any squeaking noises when you press the clutch?

  5. The fluids checked out fine.
    The pedal feels the same

    When I press the clutch it doesn't squeak, the engine just makes a very horrible noise
  6. Thrust bearing? clutch not fully disengaging
  7. im guessing fuel filter

  8. I had to take it in to the shop - which I did NOT want to do.

    What you guys said was the problem.
    I am out 850 bucks, but it's all good!

  9. I think the problem could be that you drive a hyundai ... just putting it out there.
  10. Sucks to hear, but yeah an expensive repair :(
  11. What part is the problem? Only paying 30 bucks for gas, or having it last 2 and a half weeks?

    Yes it is, and I'm sure they found ways to nickle and dime me.
  12. I was out the same amount on my clutch replacement.. but on an E36 BMW M3.
  13. I guess a clutch is a clutch no matter what
  14. No a clutch is not a clutch and yes they probably did rip you off, if they only changed the bearing they dont have the change the clutch plates which are the parts that normally wear fastest and are the most expensive.
  15. Once the bearings go, it only makes sense to go ahead and replace the entire clutch. The cost difference isn't that much, and you save the labor costs of having people get up under there again later to replace the entire clutch once it goes out.

    A "clutch is not just a clutch" but the repair is expensive regardless.
  16. An auto shop is NOT going to replace the plates if they are still in good condition and not slipping... Ive been there done that many times..
  17. Obviously an auto shop is not going to offer to do that. Why? Because then you're gonna have to bring it in again later to replace the plates that you should have already replaced and saved yourself from paying another 500-600$ in labor to replace those. You cost yourself more in the long run if you don't pay the extra 150-200$ to just get an entire clutch and replace it.

    They want your money.
  18. I agree. OP should have had the pressure plate and possibly even the flywheel replaced as well (depends on wear). Labor for just dropping the tranny is way too much not to do this.
  19. If I would've just replaced the throwout bearings in my M3 (which was my problem), It would've cost me about 400 bucks total, and then another 400-500 later (not to mention another period of time of not having the car) to replace the plates and such. A fair bit more than the 650 I paid total in one go, and a lot less convenient.
  20. If you find a good tranny shop they'll do free inspection and do everything at once for cheap. Privately owned shops are normally the best.

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