stickies on cloning?

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  1. The stickies on this forum have been a huge help to me. I was looking for a thread or a guide on how to take a clone, for beginners. I've read a bit about it, use a sterile blade and cut at an angle etc, but can't find anything else.

    Would anyone mind answering the following q's? Or can anyone direct me to a guide on cloning? Thanks! :D

    Where exactly on the plant do I take the clone from? A whole branch or what?
    What age/height should the plant be before I can take a clone?
    What angle should it be cut at?
    Do I then just shove it in it's own pot and hope it takes root?
    Does it need anything that my other plants aren't getting?

    Surely there's mileage in a having a sticky on this topic? *looks hopeful* :smoking:
  2. better late than never, or something :D

    >CLICK ME<

    good luck on that >.<
  3. [ame=""]YouTube - How to Clone Marijuana - Cloning Marijuana[/ame]

    This may help!

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