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  1. alright, alright before you punch me in the boobs for even doing this, lemme explain.

    stick and poke is a method of tattooing where a needle is wrapped in thread, dipped in india or tattoo ink and poked into the skin hundreds or thousands of time in order to tattoo.

    unsanitary, stupid, but fun. currently, i have 9 stick and poke tattoos. i'll post a pic of a couple of them here. if you've got any, please show me! :D

    [​IMG] right index finger, musical note, representing my dedication and love of music

    [​IMG] three dots, right webbing between thumb and index, no particular meaning

    [​IMG] peace sign, self explanatory, smaller symbol is my all time favorite band's symbol. please ignore the self harm scars.
  2. ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

  3. LOL. it doesn't hurt until it starts getting swollen in the middle of a sesh and you keep stabbin. the peace sign hurt like fuck.
  4. My hat is off to anyone who has enough balls to get a tattoo like this. It's said to be excruciating.

  5. danke! i guess i have a high pain tolerance, then. :metal:
  6. i have a few done like this. no camera though.

  7. sweeeeet :D and that's too bad, i'd love to see 'em!
  8. yah i have a ufo with a green tractor beam, the tribal knot from led zeppelin, a little stick figure guy, and a freckle that i turned black.
  9. tebori tattoo make me cry
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    My little sister (14) has three of these she did herself right before she was put in a behavioral rehabilitation center (sadface, 'least I still get to visit her...) and actually has one of the same ones you do. One says 'Family', one is a heart, and one is the 3 dots all the little kids think is just oh so cool and deep these days.

    She also pierced her lip with a plain, non-sterilized needle and a piece of ice once, which is further proof of the smart decisions she makes lmao.

    Damn teen hipsters... >_> If I ever get a tattoo, I'll wait for a professional to do it, just because they're less likely to screw up.

    But, A+ for your, uh, bravery.

    Oh, gotta edit this in, 'cause I just realised that you described the three dots as having no meaning, lmao. So you did this even though you don't even know what most people agree they're supposed to be? Typical o_o

    But, yeah, has been used as a gang symbol before (Vatos Locos, etc) but isn't always... Originally means 'Mi Vidi Loca' in Spanish, or 'My Crazy Life' en ingles.

    Also known as 'party dots' to all the little 13-15 year olds out there.

    To each their own :) Hope you continue to be proud of them!

  11. party dots? O_O i just thought they looked cute. a bit like a triforce, maybe. i have some other meaningless ones as well, and i'll continue to love them!

  12. eee i googled that. ow ow owoowowowowow.
  13. No camera but I've got a a couple of DIY tattoos. I have a lot of real tattoos and did stick n poke for fun and a laugh. They are a painful and slow process.
  14. The three dots means my crazy life. It can my a symbol of Latino culture, but it's usually recognized as a gang sign, or at least it used to be.
  15. Still is a gang sign. Tres Puntos, my tatoo guy told me he did them all the time in prison lol
  16. get tthat skrap ass 3 dot bullshit off of you or you will get killed one day. In Oregon where I'm from if your not down for your krew and you get tats without your OG tellin you that you earned those dots or a gangs tat. I'm an ex Lokd out Piru and got the Northstar erased off my hand too. (point and stick method)
  17. haha holy hell I never even heard about any of this till now. I actually turned it into. a triforce a little while ago :smoke:
  18. good. Be careful out there blade. Cruel world we live in but keep on smokkkin
  19. yeah they mean you're affiliated but it isn't really clique specific but does mark yuh as a banger.
  20. good thing it's gone then!!

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