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  1. Okay so my mouth has stiches in it from wizdom teeth taht are supposed to disolve over time .. well i knocked one a little loose while burshing my teeth and its just dangling off the back top right tooth / gum more so heh.

    What shold i do? cut it as close to the gum and just leave the rest that is still in there .. in there.. or should i just let the string dangle and try not to play with it.. i kno not to pull it out cause that might fuck it up but i could probly snip it and it wouldnt do nething right? ..

    anyone honestly think i need to go back to the oral surgant guy for something so small? no pain .. jsut annoying .. but im afraid that it could be bad for me somehow but idk how really since the heeling seems to be going good?

  2. As long as the cut that the stiches are holding in place doesnt open your fine, also the amount of stiches u have might help, if 1 out of 4 is lose it may be more serious than 1 out of 15. I dont htink however you in any danger i have had stiches many times ( none in mouth however) but they are used to hold the cut togather and heal if nothing opened up no bleeding or anythin you hsould be fine.
  3. allright word sounds good.. if i start bleeding ill see the doc. =D

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