Stewies Revenge Rave in Phoenix

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 805toda520, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. So friday night me and some friends went to stewies revenge at cow town and danced till the sun came up.I got a bunch of lightshows from hot chicks that were rolling balls as hard as i was.We snuck in optimo blunts filled with weed inside packs that appeared unopened.We smoked a half oz on the way and i was gone.i bought twenty five pills for two fifty.I sold some for twenty at the rave and got my money back.By the time we arrived at ten, there were already semi nude teenage girls vomiting throughout the party.Some of these little girls were taking two rolls and gettin crazy on the set.This fight broke out and some fool got stomped into the floor face first by like eight other guys.I thought it was a mosh pit and nearly got punched trying to join fakaz bringing drama always fuck it up.but all in all it was pretty bad ass i took three rolls during the night and i cant wait till white out and lingerieve.anybody else go to raves regularly?

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