Steve Irwin

Discussion in 'General' started by OneLoveRasta, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I was just watching his movie and it is just so sad he had to die. He was a great guy who really cared and believed in what he was doing.

    Fuck stingrays

    Im smoking a bowl for him tonight
  2. When my roommate first told me about it, I swore I thought he was joking. I was like, "Who the hell gets killed by a sting-ray? They're dangerous, but rarely deadly."

    I mean, this guy pissed off some of the most dangerous animals, ever. Only to wrestle them into submission. Chancing death at every angle.

    ...but the way he went out. Not right.
  3. Crickey!

    Yea, Steve was an entertaining guy- who obviously loved what he did so so much.

    I remember when I heard he had died, I thought- "A fucking stingray, this has got to be a joke, this guy can survive crocs, and poisonous snakes- but gets killed by a simple stingray?"

    It was definately a sad day.
  4. That'd probably hurt like a bitch.

    To get stabbed through the chest.

    Oh well.
  5. Yeah, he was a good guy.

    I'm not surprised he got killed, but it was unfortunate none the less. He had a good heart (no pun intended) and had genuine enthusiasm and passion for his work.

    Cheers for Steve!
  6. Rip to steve. he was a good duke and he will be missed. i spent many nites stoned enjoying his show
  7. OP I dig what you are saying but the stingray was only being a stingray,I think.

    RIP STEVE IRWIN, you were one crazy bloke , he fought for a lot of animals and saved so many of them, and his widow and little girl will continue to do so. You will be missed man.

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