Steroids saved my life

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  2. ha thats crazy man, steroids is a steep measure period but for such a skinny unhealthy guy is just redonkulous.

    but then again I use creatine but in cycles when I go in my bulking stage. If i was a youtube member I'd register to that shit I mean 10 episodes from now hes gonna I bet 170 and getting definition.

    watch him have massive amounts of acne too
  3. imma watch the show just for some of those honies!
  4. Hah, I'm rooting for that guy! Haha, on Day 1 he had like 2 inches and 10 pounds on me :p
  5. I guess he could be doing worse like smokin crack!
  6. steroids are only bad for you long term

    and steroids arent some crazy miracle drug either, i did em for awhile, i put on 20 pounds but i didnt look any bigger or more defined, u still gotta be dedicated to working out and do it for a long time before u end up lookin like hulk hogan, its not like gettin a boob job
  7. dude should start smokin some fat ones instead
  8. What a scrawny little bitch. He won't even eat his food, no wonder he's fucking pathetic.

    Now if I could just get my hands on some steroids in the Tampa area...
  9. ohhh yah episode 4 is now up and hilarious!!!!!!!!! U can see a big difference in his side by side shot!!!
  10. 15 pounds gained so far! This show is making me hungry
  11. try any gym
  12. episode 6 is now up, this guy is gettin bigger but where did the girls go
  13. wow this dude is taking needles in the show now, i cringed when it went in!

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  14. I'm so sick of this douchebag. Haven't you ever seen someone shoot up with a needle? It's the best way to take the steroids.

    This kid is a joke though, why is he out lifting logs on the beach and doing lunges with what looks like a 15Lb branch. He needs to be in the bench every day doing extreme workouts, and stop caring what those silly little abs of his look like. His arms are so skinny I could break them backwards without even trying.
  15. yah epic fail in the making
  16. this guy is skinnier than a sick kid from africa
  17. he should document the growth of his biceps in relation to the shrinkage of his nuts and do a science fair project on it

  18. Holy machismo. man relax.

    Funny video though.

  19. Meh, I take my weightlifting seriously, and this kid is basically making it all a joke. I hate how idiotic they make all the users seem to ignorant.
  20. I have a great idea! Weed brownies for this kid!

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