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  1. Nice bit of info for success in seed starting. Thanks for sharing Herb.....
  2. I have not sterilize soil,I just shared some method for sterilizing soil
  3. [quote name='"jerry111165"']Mama is so right.

    A healthy organic garden RELIES on a healthy microbe colony in your soil mix. You can have the very best nutrients in the world, but without microbes, you might do a tenth as well as if you have a living soil. This is gained by starting and basing - wrapping your soil mix around a quality - and I do mean quality - humus component, whether it be compost, earthworm castings or vermicompost - or all. These 3 items are the heart and soul of an organic garden.

    It only takes so much in the way of nutrition to have a great organic garden but if you have healthy microbes below the soils surface watch out! The results can be so amazing.

    2 weeks ago I did a transplant of some "largish" cuttings/clones into a soil mix that I had made back in March. I took them out of their cups and transplanted them into the soil mix in 12 gallon containers. They were probably 6" tall and maybe that wide as well. I wet them down well with tap water and went out of town for the week thinking that it would take them the week that I was gone for the roots to start to spread out, and kinda "grab" into the soil - not really expecting them to actually grow much that first week.

    I got home a week later and went immediately downstairs to the veg room - I wanted to see what they looked like. I got halfway down the stairs and busted out laughing - these plants were now around 2 feet tall, maybe 18" across and as healthy a set of plants as you have ever seen.

    I love organics! :)


    Edit - I can't wait to get home tomorrow and see what they look like after 2 weeks! *lol*[/quote]

    jerry, when u say tap water, do u mean city or well water? I've read and read about chlorine and have seen no solid conclusions. what is your take on nominal amounts of chlorine?
  4. I think you're fine. Do you use city water? If so , simply leaving a pail uncovered for 24 hours will allow the chlorine to dissipate.

    A small fistful of humus stirred in - compost or earthworm castings will also help neutralize and balance your water. You don't want chlorine in your water. Chlorine will kill organisms, just like it does in your pool, however, it's pretty easy to get rid of, making your tap water totally safe for use.

    Ya gots to remember - marijuana isnt some special plant that needs half of the things that you'll see on the assorted Internet forums. Have you ever seen anyone do anything special with thier water before the sprinkler goes up on thier lawns - or garden? Can you imagine what farmers would have to go through if they gave thier crops the attention we give our indoor gardens? Simply letting it sit out overnight is sufficient and adding a little humus is an extra bonus.

    With a deep well, I use mine directly out of the tap.

  5. [quote name='"lawschool2012"']

    jerry, when u say tap water, do u mean city or well water? I've read and read about chlorine and have seen no solid conclusions. what is your take on nominal amounts of chlorine?[/quote]

    Just posted this elsewhere, but I will again. Look into your city water and find out if it has chlorine AND chloramine.

    Chlorine will simply bubble out, of even just leaving a bucket of water out and open will do it.

    But, Chloramine, on the other hand;

    I use aloe or peat to convert the chloramine to chlorine and THEN I aerate to take care of the chlorine.


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