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  1. Here's a good pandora thread. I got this idea from posting this in another thread but I wanted to make a poll and see who agrees.

    There is a reason for stereotypes, They didnt just come from nowhere. Maybe not everyone fits theirs but obviously a large percentage do if it has become well known enough to turn into a stereotype that everyone knows.

    You may not like it and it may not be "politically correct":rolleyes: but they are there because there is clearly a great deal of truth behind it.
    I wont mention names but I know there are a good amount of blades that will agree with me. Lets see how many have the balls to admit to it. Even if you are too scared to post at least answer the pole.
  2. BS. If stereotypes were accurate I'd be a lazy convict (since I smoke weed and have a ton of tats). In reality I'm a 30yo with my own business, a masters degree, a wife, 5 properties, no priors, and very little debt. More often that not, stereotypes are just propaganda directed at people who differ from us. Except for that one about all Muslims being terrorists, that shit is true :D
  3. I don't know about a large majority, but I agree that at the time they were created there was a good amount of truth to them.
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    well yeah they gotta come from somewhere you know.

    people dont say the shit for no reason.

    im hispanic, and we eat beans all the fuckin time, a lot of black people tend to be real aggressive, and asians tend to be 'smarter' then most. i dont really care what anyone says about it cause ive seen it with my eyes. every fuckin day actually.
  5. I know a lot of people that exemplify their particular stereotype.
  6. They for sure have truth they just don't apply to everything labeled with it... there's where the controversy begins. I mean you can't deny that the stoner stereotype does apply to some people out there. I know I've met people that fit it, but then again... it doesn't apply to everybody.
  7. the problem with stereotypes is that they were initially formed from a different point of view. Most that make up these stereotypes havent seen that whole race or gender of people. From wut i have seen in my life is that each one of us is unique and therefore makes each of us different.
  8. Yes I believe there is some truth in stereotypes.

    If everyone was unique .. then no one would be unique.
  9. :smoke:^^^

    I judge every one on an individual basis, but realize stereotypes derive from some kinda truth. You can Google any stereotype and it will tell you where it comes from.
  10. Stereotypes are like a guideline to human behavior. People hate to be grouped all together but they really do act in a similar fashion. Many professions are told to stereotype. IE in the medical field, a black dude who got shot, gang violence is something that comes to mind.

  11. if everyone was unique than everyone would be unique:cool:

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