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  1. ...Then what are you doing at GC!!!??? You must love blogging with "lazy and generally unintelligent people". LMAO!

    Stoners aren't lazy, they're just stoned! Haven't you ever heard of couch lock???

    As for the 'unintelleigent' comment, I've met some of the wisest poeple I've ever known here at GC! Maybe it's you! Maybe you just don't get what GC is all about? :cool:
  2. I think it's important to recognize the difference between something being "based on the truth" and something being true.

    It's kind of like a historical movie that is "based on a true story". Sure some details might be accurate, but you wouldn't use that movie as the basis for a writing a term paper.

    I think *most* people get this concept, but unfortunately there are a lot of ignorant fucks in this world who do make judgments about people based on stereotypes. That's one step away from bigotry and racism, IMO.
  3. I know I'm jewish and smoke soooo much
  4. I think everyone here has to smoke a bowl. It won't hurt to make a few jokes.. we all know no one here is prejudice. I'm mexican and my friends make mexican jokes once in a while, theyre funny.

    Black people always talk about their problems when you smoke with them. is one i heard recently. hah
  5. gimme the truth is what hurts most ppl....

    live2skate....ur a retarded mofo....:wave::wave::wave:im just gonna come out and say it....:smoking:wtf where u thining, oh u werent....lazy and unintellegent u r my dumbass sk8rboi....go fuk urself.....and dont get high, it might make u even dumber.....which i cant see possible, but hey....u can prove me wrong...:p

    awwwww ooooooogah
  6. stoners are fucking my knowledge thats true
  7. I think it may only be you my friend.I smoke and I am certainly not stupid,nor are much other people here that smoke Marijuana.
  8. Guys who look like they might be a douchebag generally are.

    *cue random guy in a pink collar-popped polo*

  9. seriously
  10. dude it was a joke.smoke a bowl and lighten up.
  11. all asians are god awful drivers...

    all women Subaru drivers are dikes+terrible drivers....

    all white people make small talk about/ involving the weather....

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