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  1. Just to start off, sorry if I or this thread offends.

    What stereotypes do you find to be generally true? Not absolutely true, I don't mean to generalize an entire group of people, but I personally believe that there are stereotypes that have some truth in them.
  2. all black people steal.... jk

    but seriously ALMOST all asians get good grades and I know more jews that blaze then jews that don't
  3. right here man. lots of the jews that i know blaze but still a few dont. some 40 year old jewish guy thats my friends neighbor tokes up too. i smoked with him once was sick and he told me his theory on how most of the jews at temple smoke lol.
  4. I think all stereotypes have at least a small amount of truth to them, but that doesn't really make them ok.... kwim?

  5. Why aren't they okay?
  6. who invited miss buzzkil
  7. aaw... i didn't mean to be a buzzkill. :(

    I just meant that there's really cool people from every culture, and buying into stereotypes means you might miss out knowing them.
  8. i was jk its straightttttttt LOLO,,

  9. Believing a black man likes chicken will make you not get to know him? I think you meant that some stereotypes, if believed fully, are bad. :D
  10. LOL, point taken. Not all stereotypes are necessary negative, but it's just one way we (as humans) tend to lump people together, and avoid seeing individual qualities.

    idk, it's too late to make any sense :D
  11. Stereotypes would not exist if they didnt reflect some truth.
  12. Stereotypes are only as true as people try to make them.
  13. completely disagree

  14. Yeah whatever, but seriously, I've never met a black person that doesn't like chicken.
  15. Im just gonna come out and say that I believe most stoners to be lazy and generally unintelligent.
  16. Stereotypes are typically truths that we don't want to admit.
  17. Exactly. Thats why alot of people get pissed when theyre called some stereotype.
  18. Most stereotypes are based on at least partial truth's. Think about it, how do stereotypes gets started in the first place? They get started because society notices a behavior that people in a certain group tend to exhibit. Comments begin to get said about that behavior, and tada!, a stereotype is born.

    Of course it's bad to stereotype someone you don't know or just met, but let's face it, most of us do it all the time and don't even realize it. Back in college I took Phsycology. The prof told us that when we see a person for the first time, we unconsciously make like 20 assumptions in 1 second about who they are based on there appearence, body language, accent, gender, color, ect. The prof said everyone does this whether you think you do or not. If this isn't stereotyping, what is it?

    Of course there will always be individuals who don't exhibit any of the behaviors (stereotypes) commonly associated with the group of people they relate to most. But does that mean stereotypes are not true just because some people manage to break the mold? No, it doesn't.

    I'm certain I'll offend a few people here with these comments. But this is a forum and everyone's entitled to their own opinion, including me. ;)
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    I saw a cooking show about fried chicken. They credited the invention of fried chicken to the black slaves in America. Appearently in the past, a lot of people in Africa fried/deep fried meat. Animal fat was easy to get, and deep frying was a good way to kill any germs that might be on the meat (remember, refrigeration is a fairly new invention). So when the slaves were brought over here, they brought the tradition of deep frying meat with them. Plantations all raised chickens because they are cheap and easy to raise for food. So the slaves began frying the chicken, and the tradition of fried chicken was born!

    I for one LOVE fried chicken and would like to thank all African Americans for it's invention! :hello:

    Just goes to show how the different cultures that settled in America all brought something cool to add to what we call 'American culture'. :D
  20. haha yea im jewish, and pretty much all my jewish friends blaze

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