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Stereo Matrix vs Stem/8

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Lazyboy808, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I'm looking to buy a new tube, my price range is around $300-$500 but I don't know if I should be spoiling myself with a $500 tube :p. I smoke both flowers and concentrates but in the future I may run into some dab shortage. I live in SoCal so I will be making a trip down to Aqua Tech. Anyways I was looking into these tubes listed below if they are available.

    Mobius Stereo Matrix 60t $420
    Mobius Stereo Matrix 65t $480
    Mobius Stereo Matrix 65b $450
    Sovereignty Stem/8 $500
    I can spend less and get Apix Design's worked stemline to turbine disk whenever it's available on his site. $350(?)

    Never tried any of these tubes but here are my thoughts on each:

    60t: ideal for both flowers and concentrates but seems like splash back can be a problem.
    65t: Exactly the size I want, perfect for flowers, but too big for dabs and bit more pricey. (is it worth the extra $60 for bigger tube than 60t?)
    65b: I love bubblers, can be ideal for both flower and concentrate, problem is mouth piece seems very fragile.
    Sovereignty: perfect for flowers, over kill for dabs, pricey
    Apix Design: Alternative to save money (No hard feelings lol)

    So tell me what you guys think.
  2. I just picked up a Stereo 65t today for $408 (fucking steal) after looking around with the intention of buying a Stem/8. I honestly think if you can find one, go for the Stem/8. But the 65t is Marvelous to say the least. :bongin:
  3. damnnnn 65t for $408? that's a really nice steal, was it holiday discount or something at your LHS? also why do you say go for the stem/8?
  4. Because if you find one and end up not liking it, you can always sell it for what you paid.

    Probably wouldn't be able to with the Möbius stuff.
  5. i would get an apix double disk and then buy a dedicated oil rig/bubbler
  6. I had a 60t, and the splash back was never an issue. But if you still think it might get the 65t. Ive hit a couple 65b's and for whatever reason.. they seem to have a lot more drag, and if your at all concerned about splash back, the bubbler style mouthpiece catches water and brings it right up to your mouth every time you clear it. But the mouthpiece is no more fragile than that of the 60t's.

    Ive been told each matrix perc has about 80 holes in them (but I think 60). out of the supposed 160 holes, about 20-40 of the top perc fire, while all of the holes on the bottom matrix perc get used. thats roughly 100 holes that get used when your hitting it. I dont think any stemlines have up to 100 holes in them, and the stereo matrix uses way more water than the sov. So honestly, in my opinion, the stemline is not overkill for dabs at all, i think its actually the opposite, considering it has less holes and uses less water.

    Ive been told the stem 8 is as smooth as it gets tho, and it has a reputation for being pretty dragless. they're just hard to find.. Don't count on getting one from aqua tech. As soon as one goes up on that site, it'll be sold in 5-10 minutes. your best bet is getting one from boromarket, or doing some research to find some more low-key sov retailers that could give you a call when they get a shipment in. But if you buy it used/off bm it'll go for a bit more than $500 due to its rarity.. most likely 6 or 7.

    I swear there was a guy that walked into my headshop the other day asking about the stereo matrix and apix stemline to turbines.. he also mentioned going down to aqua tech for a mobius. I showed him a picture of my custom slyme/gunmetal mobius too and he liked that... and you happen to live in SoCal.. could be a coincidence. But if its you.. just go down to dementia in woodland hills, they have some 60t's and 65b's and maybe one or two 65t's. No sovereigntys tho unfortunately..

    But for my sake.. don't come in my shop saying i referred you to dementia haha

  7. Ooo damnnnn~ I laughed when I read your post, yeah that was me at your store bro, I bought the Raw joint crutch paper from you. Thanks for the input it really helps. I called Aqua Tech and unfortunately they are all out of Mobius and SG so I won't be making that trip down. I just called Cloud 9 and they are out of SG but have the Mobius. Also they have 25% discount on all their pieces right now so I think I'm gonna pick up the Mobius Stereo matrix 65t for $360. I would like to sit and chat but I need to make a run and grab that 65t before anyone else does. I will post some pics in couple hours after my purchase. Brb
  8. Well let me say first off, all the tubes you're looking at are primarily if not strictly FLOWER pieces. Forget getting any flavor out of your dabs on a Stereo Matrix, and I wouldn't recommend dabbing a Stem/8 due the high filtration resulting in a lot of claim.

    Now looking at them as strictly flowers tubes, you're never going to find the Stem/8 for $500, @LT never has em in stock and when they do they sell in hours if not minutes and many get flipped for like $600+. Although if you can get your hand on one for $500 BUY IT THEN AND THERE! No questions. The Stem/8 IMO is far and away the best tube of those you're looking at.

    Outside of that, I wouldn't get the bubbler, but I'm partial to medium to large sized snaps so bubblers don't work too well for that purpose. The 60t will be a bit more flavorful while the 65t will offer slightly larger rips.

    Really it's up to you is what it comes down to. Take a look at EFS and Sovereignty's basic StemLines as well, or even a Stem/Inv4 if you can find one.

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