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  1. Some little wasters in my area have found out I'm growing, and the word around town is their going to steal my plants :eek:
    Anyone got any ideas for stepping up security?:rolleyes:
    My grows in my shed and I would love a system which alerts me whilst sleeping or just in my room.
    An eBay or Internet link would be ideal :D
  2. maybe some cameras just focusing on the shed, and some motion sensors or something like that, and lock ur shit up really good, maybe upgrade the shed to something tin and putting a badass lock on it, thats if u wanna go balls to teh wall, but idk what else u could really do?
  3. and u better hope they dont pull some bitch made shit and snitch. How did word get around? u must've told somebody.

    rule 1 of grow club: dont talk about grow club
  4. Tell them you'll string them up on a tree if ANYTHING...EVER happens to your plants...they're fucking kids...take care of them.
  5. Too f**king right, you tell your pals who ye think you can trust , and they tell their pals who they think can be trusted, inevitably someone that cant be trusted is told :mad:
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    Get a shotgun. Show your friends. *UNLOADED*

    Put up a camera.

    Spread the word, to your friends that should know about it, that the plants have already been moved/died/stolen. Disinformation.

    I just pulled those off the top of my head. Don't actually shoot anyone. A loss of weed is bad, but not as bad as jail.

    If your plants will be done in lets say 1 month then let it be known that they won't be ready to harvest for 2 months or so. If they break in during susposed harvest time then it will be just an empty shed.
  7. Yeah firstly start by teaching those wastes of space a lesson (you choose the method)

    then you have options either risk them stealing/ squealing to the Police, so you have to ask yourself either keep growing and run the risk of being caught out, or stop the grow, and start again inside. At least that way when they come to the shed to rob you there is nothing in sight.

    Or another option is to get one of those rape alarm things and get fishing wire so it would work as a trip wire. Only issue with that is going to be the sound created, either way you should have kept ya mouth zipped up !
  8. run a 120v line to your door handle LOL.
  9. Don't forget to wet the ground around the door, and running a 3 ft or better piece of rebar in the ground and connect the ground wire to that. I've done it before, they'll NEVER touch that door handle again. Add a lock with that idea, and no one will think twice about touching that shed again. This is the reason I opted for a closet instead of the shed.
  10. a pitbull or two and a shotgun have always been good deterents. A dog in yard sign might fool them too.
  11. I would say just get an actual security light to put on the shed. Like one of the motion activated ones that people put in front of their houses. That should scare them.

    You should also make some "the works" bombs to throw at them once you see the light has turned on. They blow up louder than a gunshot and are overall startling as hell.

    If neither of those send them running, nothing will.
  12. I don't know, I think you are worrying about the wrong problem.

    In your situation, I'd be one hell of a lot more worried about the cops than the kids. If the word has spread around enough that you know that the kids know you are growing, who else knows you are growing by now?

    Getting your plants stolen is one thing, risking felony charges and years in prison is a whole different story, particularly when the only thing standing between you and the cops is the ability of some dumb kids to keep their mouths shut.

    I mean, it's different if this is a legal grow, but your profile says Indiana, and I know they don't make any allowances for MMJ.

  13. i agree with this one! shock those mofos! or put a really big lock on it... cameras only work if your watching them put a chain link fence around the shed and then attach a horse shocker
  14. Of course, if it's the police that end up showing up rather than the kids, you can tack on a charge of assaulting an officer and kiss your ass goodbye.
  15. I have also lived in Indiana. They don't like us. 15 grams and 2 ziplock bags and you can face distribution charges. I would definitely change their location. Even if that means taking a late night drive to a statte park deep in the weeods and plant them there . But i would probably abort clean up and move. or do some closet grows that you don't tell anyone at all about. At minumum i would get a secrity camera, leave the box out in my front yard. Also buy a shotgun and sit on the porch cleaning it daily for as long as your grow takes to finish.
    Also a motion flood light would be a good idea.

    hommade boobytraps are even worse than growing if someone gets hurt and goes to a hospital. police or otherwise.

    You have a SERIOUS problem on your hands and need to do somthing about it FAST!
  16. Common sense dictates to just clean up and start over when the coast is clear. Don't mess with booby traps, alarms, or anything else because that just increases the chances of police involvement. Get rid of the plants for a little while until you're sure they think you don't have any, and then start fresh. Plant a few tomatoes or something, put those into the shed in the pots place, and when they break in call the cops and get them arrested for trespassing over tomatoes. Problem solved.
  17. I used to do custom fiberglass fabrication for custom car audio. We built show cars. Another one of my specialties was guerilla type security and one of my all time favorites is the chatged door handle. A strip of metal under the handle w/ a 12v lead is all it took. It's funny that this suggestion is carried over to this situation also. Trust me, it works, but I wouldn't do 110v,'ll kill someone. A car battery inside and a lead to the handle is alkl you need.

    The biggest deterent would be a sign that they can't figure out. Has to be a real sign though, nothing homemade.

    Sign should read....


    Hidden electric security.

    Trespassers are in danger of severe shock or death.

    Another sticker next to the door handle and on any window



    Power down external relay before entering

    Leave them wondering just what measures have been taken. A few fake "electric components" around as props wouldn't hurt either.

    Razorwire under the amps was another trick we used. You would HAVE to reach under the amp if you wanted to steal it. watch your fingertips!!! :) Razorwire your pots.
  18. Honestly man, if I was in your situation, I would temporarily stop growing. Tell your real friends that you had to stop growing because you can't trust them, because they told other people. Wait a month or two until it blows over. Then when you make your next go, use this as an experience to let you know to SHUT THE FUCK UP. I know it's hard not to talk about growing to your best friends, but thats the reality of the situation. It is an interesting topic of conversation, so if you need to just vent about it......USE GRASSCITY!!!
  19. You have been compromised, shut down your grow immediately.

    Do not entertain any ideas that involve injuring or killing anyone. You don't want that on your conscience, and you will spend more on such "security" measures than it would cost you to just buy your weed for a while.
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    This ^

    Tell your "friends" they are douchebags and let this be a lesson to YOU as well. Much better to shut it down and make fools of the kids who come looking around or snitching to the cops than to go to jail.

    Make sure to get rid of any trace of a grow. Replace all the normal stuff in the shed, rakes, shovels etc. That way if the cops come you can play completely dumb and be confident doing it, and if thr kids come DONT handle it yourself. Call the cops and report someone breaking in to your shed!

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