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  1. Some little wasters in my area have found out I'm growing, and the word around town is their going to steal my plants :eek:
    Anyone got any ideas for stepping up security?:rolleyes:
    My grows in my shed and I would love a system which alerts me whilst sleeping or just in my room.
    An eBay or Internet link would be ideal :D
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    and let the same people you told you had plants know, that you also stay strapped.

    or go to walmart and get a game camera, and by the door of your shed, boobytrap it so when the door is opened it's connected to a baby monitor/walkie talkie that turns on, and the receiving end is in your room and you can hear it and come outside and fuck some cowards up.
  3. sadly,

    the smart move would probably be destroy your crop.
  4. Move your crop.

    Get a dog.

    Replace your plants with tomato plants, wait for them to steal them, then replace with originals..
  5. this. and get a tazer. not lethal like a gun, but will sure make someone regret trying to jack you.
  6. [ame=]YouTube - Vietnam - Traps of the Viet Cong / FNL[/ame]
  7. This is the kinda answers I was looking for lol, yeah a baby monitor would work but the thing is no one else in my house can know about the grow, so it needs to be silent on the grow end. If a baby monitor would wake me up wen the door opens that would work? would it wake me up?
  8. i don't know how well it would wake you up, you need to improvise something dude.

    think outside the box.

    like, walkie talkies have those pager things on them so you can page other walkie talkies.

    somehow figure out how to make it page you if the door opens, or if someone walks past a certain point with like fish line or something.

    or you could set up some kind of, flashbang to go off in front of their face. after that happens, it's gonna be loud enough to wake you up and run outside, they'll be terrified, they'll know you're coming, and they'll think you have more shit protecting your stuff than you let on.

    edit: i didn't see you said no one else in your house can know.

    i'm sure they'll be pretty sure something's going on when you run outside with a bat at 3:30 in the morning and smash some kid's head in in your back yard.
  9. Haha if they don't hear any alarms going off and that, I'm sure I could walk out back and deal with the cunts quietly, my sheds a little bit away from where everyone sleeps ;)
  10. Just get a motion detector dude, or do what I originally suggested and setup a kick ass vietcong trap.
  11. Why'd you slip up and let ANYONE know you were growing?

    Seriously. Don't even let your significant other know. Trust nobody.
  12. if you live on private property i would post signs that said something to the effect of "TRESPASSERS SHOT ON SIGHT - NO WARNINGS"

    you could also put up scouting cams (they have models that can take pics in dark too) so that way you would at least be able to see who stole your crop if it happened.
  13. I think the vietcong traps are the way to go. I'd suggest the one when they open the door it swings down and hits them in the back.
  14. sleep in your shed
  15. [ame=]YouTube - Don't Be A Menace - "Do We Have A Problem?"[/ame]

    around :30 is what i recommend.
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    Punji stakes :D! just take some of your fecal matter and spread it on some bamboo stakes, then put them in a hole in the ground then cover it. when they step on it they will get stakes threw thier feet and legs and the fecal matter will make it infected:D

    Edit: Sorry if this was on the clip but i have dial-up so i cant watch them:(

    Oh and if your gonna use a gun use hollow point shells. they explode inside the victim.
  17. Consider the source of the rumour...are they credible?
    If so,
    -They, and whoever else knows/suspects....shouldn't know/suspect
    -If you end up confronting/trapping the kids, undoubtedly more people will find out....probably the law.

    The solution?
    -move the plants, or destroy them.

    Don't confront anyone that comes at need to develope an image of "gosh, I would never do anything illegal!"
  18. i still think i had the best idea.
  19. [​IMG]

    Mmm, punji pit.

    Get a big dog, or move the plants elsewhere. I'd move them inside.

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