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Stepping It Up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Braddock, May 12, 2011.

  1. Soo right now, lately, I've been buying tenners(dimes) and dubs and whatnot

    However, I'm looking to move up and start buying eighths

    Thing is, I usually store my dimes and dubs in my pill bottle

    Will the pill bottle keep an eighth fresh?

    I don't have any mason jars....

    And what's so bad about dry weed?
  2. Pill bottles come in all different sizes...
  3. Prescription pill bottles** my bad.

    Any help would be appreciated guys
  4. The pill bottle will be ok for temporary storage, I'm sure if it gets dry it loses some potency but you'll still get high
  5. Yeah you should be good-

    Most plastic containers are far from airtight, but as long as you don't store it exposed to light youll be fine:smoke:

    Proper storage is more of a concern when curing harvests or just for long-term storage
  6. Will it keep an eighth fresh for a month though? Considering I take it out every 2-3 days to give it some air?

  7. Yeah definately, maybe even a quad, depends on the size of the pill bottle.
  8. Really? I didn't know prescription pill bottles were that good..
  9. I kept a quarter of good weed in a slightly larger pill bottle, it kept pretty nicely for about 2-3 weeks then started to get dryer
  10. Anything I can do with what I got man? :/
  11. Buying 10's, then buying eights isnt exactly stepping up in my book. But good luck to moving up the long ladder in the green world my friend.
  12. buying in bulk saves money. save up and get quarters.
  13. I am saving up to buy eighths lol

    50-60 bucks is a step up from 10-20 bucks worth
  14. Well I guess u could say it's stepping up depends how much u make at your job or if you even have a job
  15. Why are you concerned with keeping it fresh so long? An eigth will last you a month? Keep it in a zip lock baggie and then put it somewhere dark so it can rest. It won't loose quality you'll be fine just smoke it up!
  16. you should invest in a mason jar..keeps your bud fresh for a long time.. my bud never went dry in my mason jar
  17. I store a quad in my pill bottle. Eighth should be fine, even if it's a smaller one. But if it's RLY small, get a bigger bottle, or use two.
  18. It's a step up for me bro, I'm new at the toking.

    I still get fucked up with just 1 bowl in my bong

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