Stepping Barefoot In Puddles

Discussion in 'General' started by Atheism Cant Be Proven, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. anybody else do this?  i love the feeling of rain water on my naked feet.  feels sooo good.

  2. No, the army taught me to wear boots when walking through puddles.
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  3. i'd hate to step on a rusty razor blade hiding in the depths of a puddle. 
  4. About a week ago when that tropical storm came through my area, it rained so hard and for so long that much of my yard was flooded with water up past my ankle in some areas. 
    I decided to go outside and explore a bit, went completely barefoot and it was so fun.  So yeah I like walking in puddles barefoot haha..though sometimes I worry there might be something there I don't wanna step on
  5. that's wassup!
  6. Hell ya a good ol warm puddle on a summer's night is the best feeling you could ever treat your feet to, maybe surpassed by a thousand vaginas rubbing against your feet
  7. Anything that could possibly get washed down a road, would end up in a puddle. So no, I don't do that haha.

    But running on the beach is a completely different story
  8. Even the beach has some pretty nasty stuff sometime but I agree the sand beneath my toes is a great feeling, especially when the water floods my feet and then draws away :) cool feeling.
  9. Oh...ok then...

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  10. OP is 6 years old dude lol..
  11. Uhh

    I don’t leave my house without shit on my feet dude.
  12. You mean OP's "post" is 6 years old?

    Also screw you anti thread bumping bitch ass fuck wack lol.
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  13. Isn't that far worse than just putting your feet in a puddle? Also I'd suggest picking up your dogs doo doo if you don't prefer having that stuff on your feet.
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  14. I love when really old threads are necro'd. I just imagine a very high blade posting away not realizing how deep in the forums they've gone :smoke:
  15. What the f*ck is a blade?????

  16. Its what people on GC are called!

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  17. Too answer the question tho yea sometimes lol I like to go walk around without shoes on. I used to do it all the time back in Jamaica as well lbvs.

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  18. Pourquoi

  19. What does that mean lol?


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