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Stepping away slowly.........

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. Looking out the window at wreckage winter has left laying around the yard, and seeing 2 really fat robins, and the daffodils and crocus starting to bloom can only mean one thing. I MADE IT! Winter has taken it's depressing grey days and dead landscape, and walked on down the hall.

    Time for all of you to grab yourselves!


    I meant in a hug kinda way.
    That's from me for helping me fight off the cabin fever these last few months!

    Der Coach hits the field with this years team Tuesday! I got to get my ass back in shape! Been doing 3 miles on the bike every evening. It's not killing me quite as bad now.

    Gotta tear into the mowers and get them ready to go. Got 5 trees that ice and snow screwed up real good. Lumberjack days are looming.

    Tattooed Head called and they plan on playing a couple of festivals this spring and summer. Need a bass player, so, I'm coming out of retirement, again. I seem to do that a lot! Gotta get the fingers back in shape again as well.

    And mostly, new guts for this piece 'o shit computer got here today. So probably tomorrow, I'm ripping this major source of frustration apart, and gonna fix it. Or wind up in the front yard with the shotgun and a box of shells, and commence to blowin it to smithereens.

    What I'm saying is this old okie is gonna pry his ass that's been molded to this chair the last few months up and get busy. I expect I'll have to go thru a little bit of City withdrawl pain. But, good habits die hard too.

    I'm still gonna swing by when I can. But have you ever noticed how hard it is to get caught back up when you've been away from here for awhile. A rolling story, I believe someone put it.

    Y'all be good.

    If ya can't be good, at least try to be reasonable.

    Don't sit around and watch the war for hours on end.

    Don't wanna see a bunch of bummed out blades when I get by.

  2. Man do I ever understand "cabin fever"!!!!! Been off work over 19wks!! I'm suppose to go back on the road the 31st,and am ready to get out of the house, BUT....................................................Hate being away from home and missin' all the family stuff that happens during the week!! I'm really considering saying FUCK IT! and just trying to find something local. My settlement should allow for a lil' cushion while job seeking.

    So what do ya'll think??? Should I "jump off a bridge" to seek happiness and be with my family, or go back to the chain gang thats killin' me with stress???

    Smokie, I'm also "coming out of retirement", gonna start another band. I guess thats one thing that's really been eating at me, MISSIN" MY MUSIC!! If ya'll need a sax/vocalist just let me know! LMAO!!

    We'll miss ya while you get busy Smokie, but as I've found out, Your "CITY" family will never forget ya!!:)
  3. Well don't it just figger that as I'm walking out, here you come walking in! Where the hell ya been boy?

    Load up that sax and come on up! They had one for awhile. His playing ability fell off in direct relation to his alcohol intake so they let him go. I can get ya in man! I got connections!

    Take the family time! Spent years working nights and out of sync with the family unit. A man wiser than my self once told me, "I spent all those years away from my family trying to make more money for them. Now my family is gone, and so is the money. Which one do you think I miss more?"
  4. I guess we all are going to get busy.. Don't forget to let us know how the coaching is going..

    I really have been working to many hours lately. Things are getting busier by the day!!!!!

    Come in and say high when you can..

    Cowboy..... What are ya doing these days besides messing with momma??

    Hope all is well with you and Pooh Gator!!!!!!!
  5. *crosses her fingers and hopes okie can put his computer back together quickly* btw yes, its difficult to type like this

  6. although i can't really relate to the cabin fever (i'm outside regardless of temperature), i know what it's like to be busy, lol. we'll miss ya while you can't get here okie... stop by whenever ya can and let us know what's been going on.

    i'm so glad spring's finally here... temps have been up in the 50's or higher for a while now... it's a pleasant change from the 20's :D

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