Stepped up to glass on glass!

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  1. I picked this up at a local headshop a few days ago and I love it! He had it listed for 80 with a basic slide in it and upgraded it to glass on glass for free! Comments are appreciated :bongin:


  2. If its glass on glass.. why is their a rubber grommet or rubber transition piece on their? Still, nice pickup for the money.
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    Its half gong.That is a grommet bong with a gong downstem.But.there is no joint.
  4. I figured as much, I just didn't know the exact name of the rubber part. Yeah, gong's pure 100% glass on glass, are by far the best to get.... glass wise. But that song (somewhat on glass) isn't bad either. again, nice pickup.
  5. yah, its still a budget piece but its the nicest thing I could afford and I like it...which is the important part!
  6. I'm digging the design on the beaker and the yellow ring around it. Nice pick-up!

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