Stepped Lighting Schedule?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by AAckley1, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Was just doing some thinking today. Has anyone ever stepped their veg lighting schedule something like so:

    Week 1: 18/6
    Week 2: 18/6
    Week 3: 17/7
    Week 4: 16/8
    Week 5: 15/9
    Week 6: 14/10
    Week 7: 13/11
    Week 8: 13/11

    then switch to constant 12/12 for flowering?

    Since we are just really trying to mimic the sun with our lighting anyways....
  2. More photons = more food for plants = more growth. Staggered lighting is self-defeating because of this. Oh sure, the light schedule is natural, but growth medium? Nutrients? The light itself? If you want to grow outdoors, that's fine, but don't go overboard trying to bring the outdoors in.
  3. Yea I guess that makes since.

    However, what about the validity of turning to 13/11 or 12.5/11.5 the last week before flowering or even flowing with those light schedules?

    With the effect of more trichrome production?
  4. If you want slower growth during your veg cycle, then turn your lights off. 24 hour on will give the fastest veg growth. Your plant will grow just fine with less light but at a slower rate.

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